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Using My Tech Manager Four Pillar Success System with Rick Butler Jr..

What I Do

I'm All About One Thing: Attracting More Engaged Customers.

I Help Companies Grow

Digital website marketing is all about growing with technology.  Since 2016, I’ve work on the Four Pillars Success System.  It builds a platform that support your business digital website by turning your expense of a website into a sales money machine.  All of this is provided to you in a package called Website as a Service of WaaS for short.

Digital website marketing by My Tech Manager has a done for you approach that will take your business website from where it is now to where it should be for your business.  All you have to do once you have My Tech Manager handling your business website, we put our digital website marketing to work for you so you can just do your business.

How Does It Work

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Get You Secure Hosting

I want my business website online and ready for business 24/7 and I want to get it back online when something happens!


Get An Awesome Digital Website

I want a digital website design that can speak to new and existing customers and serve as a door mat with welcome to all!


Delivering the digital website marketing

I want buyers online to find my business website easily and social media to be buzzing with information about my business! 


You need web copy that is Compelling

I want my web copy to engage buyers, customers, and visitors on a journey that leads them to buy or purchase with us!

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