Best Higher Education Marketing Agencies and the Top Problems They Solve

The best higher education marketing agencies are being invited by their college and university clients to solve a spectrum of challenges – from the very routine to the most sophisticated ones.

Over the last 25 years, in serving over 100 colleges and universities, we have solved the following challenges for numerous clients:

Enrollment Challenges

Undergraduate Programs

Grow inquiries
Increase college visits
Improve our college visit experience
Grow applications
Get inquiries and applicants from new geographic markets
Make us more selective and allow us to shape the class
Improve college’s yield rate
Reduce summer melt
Grow international applications
Turn parents, teachers, high school counselors and principals into recommenders
Reduce transfer out rates
Increate our transfer in rates

Online Programs

Grow inquiries and applications
Grow international applications

Graduate and Doctorate Programs

Grow inquiries and applications
Grow international applicants
Make our college more selective and allow us to shape the class

Reputation Challenges

Brand our college/university
Make us look like a college of consequence on key touch points
Situate us on page 1 of Google
Make us known in new geographies
Project our thought leadership far and wide
Let media find our subject matter experts
Improve our US News and other rating agency rankings
Expand the reach of our brand beyond our alumni and friends
Weaponize our publications on digital channels
Grow attendance in our symposiums, conferences and workshops
Increase attendance in our arts and cultural events
Transform us into a regional economic development engine

Giving Challenges

Create a culture of giving
Increase our annual giving rate
Market our capital campaign
Create a perpetual online giving engine
Market our new center of excellence
Find mission-aligned mega-donors, foundations and government partners

Placement & External Relations Challenges

Position us as indispensable R&D partners
Seek corporate recruiters
Find mission-aligned trade groups, foundations, corporations and government partners
Deepen ties with our trade groups, foundations, corporations and government partners
Find funding partners for our labs and centers of excellence

Talent Recruiting Challenges

Let prospective faculty and staff know about our open positions and motivate them to apply

If you are seeking higher education marketing agencies for your college or university, view our higher education marketing capabilities and consider partnering with us.

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