The 8 Types of Social Media Community Managers (+ Job Descriptions)

In the last decade, the need for social media managers has boomed. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, this trend is not slowing down any time soon. The role of a social media manager or specialist is categorized within the “Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager” sector of the labor force, which is projected to grow by 10% before 2026.

Although more companies are hiring social media community managers, the role hasn’t evolved much towards goal-oriented, metrics-driven marketing. This could be because many companies haven’t figured out the right way to measure the ROI of their efforts. Because of this, they don’t know how to hire someone who can help them drive real business results.

Download a ready-made job description for the social media manager role here.

With little focus on bottom-line social media efforts, companies relegate the social media role to people with little experience. Once hired, those social media specialists aren’t ready to lead successful goal-oriented efforts. 

While a social media job might center around posting strategies, companies should broaden their search and look for experts who are also creative or strategic. Here’s an example of what a strong job description for a social media role might look like:

A strong social media manager should have versatile skills that span from copywriting to design, but each type of social role usually requires a primary focus or expertise.

If you’re a manager trying to hire your next social media maven, it’s important to identify how your company needs to grow first. For example, if you want to expand your brand on visual platforms, you will want to hire a social media expert with knowledge and experience related to multimedia production.

If you’re an aspiring social media manager, it’s also important to know which skills you should hone in on to become in expert in your field.

To help businesses managers and young social media specialists, we’ve crafted a list of eight social media job roles that could help a company grow.

Social Community Manager Jobs
1. Copywriter

Content is a key component in any marketing strategy, especially when social media is involved. Even if you have dedicated bloggers or ebook writers, text-based content still needs to be adapted to each social network. For example, a strong social media manager might write Instagram captions with a relaxed and relatable voice, but might write in a more business-oriented voice for LinkedIn

This role is typically responsible for the creation and adaptation of written content for specific social media networks. This person should be comfortable writing social posts that are as short as 140 characters or blogs over 200 words.

Skills Necessary

Understanding of Brand Voice

How This Drives Results 

Writing generic posts for all platforms might make your brand seem out of touch, so it’s important to have a social media manager who can maintain a brand voice while still adapting it to different platforms. A great caption or piece of written content that speaks directly to your audience could lead to more engagement. 

2. Digital or Multimedia Producer

In 2018, 80% of marketers used visual assets as part of their social media strategy, and 63% were regularly using video. 

With the growth of visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, and the launch of Story and Live Video features on most major social media sites, there is now a greater need for social media managers with multimedia skills. 

Social media community manager works as a content creator by preparing a photo for a social media post

This type of social media manager might focus on creating images or graphics to accompany Facebook posts, taking and curating photos or videos for Instagram, producing mobile-optimized stories for Snapchat, and creating other content from scratch that helps to grow your following.

Skills Needed

Experience with Design Software
Basic Photography and Videography

How This Drives Results

Adapting visual content specifically for each social network yields more clicks and leads. For example, in an A/B test, we found that tweets including both a link and an image optimized for the platform yielded 55% more leads than tweets with just a link. Adapting and creating content for each specific network is critical to driving results. 

3. Social Media Metrics Analyst

As all marketing roles become more and more data-driven, a social media community manager needs to be able to dig into the data, analyze that data, and draw actionable insights.

Social media community manager showing his team marketing analytics.That includes macro data, such as overall reach and leads generated, and micro data like individual experiments around content positioning. This person should also be able to set goals that are just out of reach — and find a way to hit them.

A successful social media community manager enjoys looking at data and knows how to use it to make informed decisions. At the same time, this person shouldn’t be so stuck in the data that it prevents experimentation and risk-taking.

It’s important for a social media community manager to constantly test new strategies, new content, and new campaigns. This person will be skilled at running experiments, such as post frequency tests, and refining their social strategy based on the results.

Skills Necessary

Data Analysis
Experience with Running Scientific Experiments
Strong Presentation Skills

How This Drives Results

Constantly testing and analyzing results helps social media community managers build more effective standards in their routines. For example, that Twitter image test discussed above was designed, implemented, and measured by one social media manager. That experiment’s results have had a serious impact on our social media efforts.

4. News Commentator and Curator

A successful social media community manager will be able to find new opportunities for the company by keeping track of their industry, news, and social media trends. They need to know where to look for the news and what people are saying about it. They also need to know what’s changing on social networks and in the industry. When shifts or new trends occur, they must be able to react and respond accordingly. 

A social media community manager reviews news and trends regularly.They should be skilled at “tactful newsjacking,” meaning the ability to (tactfully) capitalize on a news story, trend, or hashtag. And if something goes awry, they need to be able to mitigate the issue calmly and diplomatically.

Recently, Netflix capitalized on the news that IHOP was changing its name to IHOB. The Netflix US Twitter account simply tweeted, “brb changing my name to Netflib.” See this list for a few other great examples.

The social media community manager can act as an extension of the PR team, connecting your team directly with journalists and reporters, which can result in increased coverage for the company. For global brands, it will also be important for the social media community manager to be able to think outside their own region.

Skills Necessary

Content Curation
Hungry for Information
Effective Monitoring
Quick Decision-making
Good Judgment
Can Think Globally

How This Drives Results

Staying on top of trends as they rise allows your social media community manager to newsjack. Posts relating to news or trends can boost social media traffic, encourage more engagement from followers who might re-share or retweet your content, and could even gain attention from journalists looking for story fodder. 

5. Customer Service Representative

When someone runs social media, they are perceived as the voice of the company. They’ll constantly get questions and comments about their company’s products, services, and content which might not always be positive.

A social media community manager opens his platform's messenger app to answer follower messages.The social media community manager needs to be able to communicate with people in different buying stages and mood dispositions. They’re the “traffic director.” They must be able to understand where a follower’s question or comment is coming from, address it appropriately, and provide a course of action or solution.

To successfully communicate with followers, they should be intimately familiar with their company’s brand, products, and services.

Skills Necessary

Strong Communication
Desire to Solve Others’ Problems
Ability to Troubleshoot
Knows @here to Pass Complex Questions,
Knowledge of the Company, Products, and Services

How This Drives Results

Having a link to customer service on social media allows you to respond to customer issues on your audience’s preferred platform. Responding to someone’s concerns on social media, rather than over a phone call, can also save your company time, money, and other resources.

Because social media is a public forum, your community manager can use these opportunities to showcase your company’s quality of customer service. For example, if a company is happy with your product or tweets about a positive experience, you can retweet or share the post. 

6. Community Manager and Facilitator

Part of building a following on social media is helping that following connect with each other and become a community.

True communities don’t simply engage with the company or moderator; they engage with each other — which actually scales the social media community much better, too. But community management takes work, including asking questions to seed discussions and kicking out people who spam or otherwise detract from the community.

A social media community manager responds to posts in an online discussion. A good facilitator asks relevant and thought-provoking questions in an engaging way. Another part is setting the tone for the community, being present, enforcing community guidelines, and sometimes even removing members or deleting posts when appropriate.

Skills Necessary

Ability to Connect People
Can Stimulate Discussion
Firm but Empathetic

How This Drives Results

If your followers like your community, they’ll recommend it to others — either on purpose or inadvertently by commenting and having it show up on their timeline. This leads to more exposure, which leads to more reach.

To grow a social following, the social media community manager needs to help the company’s community get value from each other. 

7. Funnel Marketing Manager

Social media is a powerful tool that can help the whole funnel, not just the top. It expands the reach of your content, attracts visitors to your website, generates leads, and nurtures those prospects into becoming customers. That means a social media manager needs to be able to pick and share content in a way that will accomplish each of those goals.

A funnel marketing social community manager plans a strategy around the company's funnel.

At the top of the funnel, they need to share social content that generates leads. As they get further down the funnel, the social media expert needs to engage one-on-one with potential customers who are considering a product or service.

Social media is also particularly effective as a lead nurturing tool because prospects use multiple media to consume information. Because social channels are more fast-paced than traditional media, like email, you can engage with leads in a more timely manner.

Social media community managers need to have a strong understanding of the sales and marketing funnel. Then, they must understand which content is appropriate for each level of the funnel.

To be effective, this manager will need to keep in touch with multiple teams in their company. For example, they’ll need to pass appropriate leads to the sales team or product feedback to customer service.

Skills Necessary

Funnel Understanding
Knowledge of Content for Each Funnel Stage
Basic Sales Skills
Strong Communication

How This Drives Results

Sharing conversion-oriented content on social media can attract more visitors to your site and convert them into leads for your sales team. According to a 2018 GlobalWebIndex Study, 40% of digital consumers use social media as a tool when researching products. With the right person at the helm of your company’s social media accounts, your posts could catch the eye of these users.

8. Project Manager and Campaign Coordinator

Many people across a company may want certain things posted, responded to, favorited or “liked.” It’s up to the social media manager to decide which requests to honor and when to honor them. This means they need to be highly organized and able to manage multiple requests.

A project manager meets with colleagues to plan social projects or campaigns.They need to be able to quickly assess whether a request would resonate with the company’s followers, or whether it’s too niche or too narrow. For example, a location-specific post might be too narrow to send to a company’s entire Twitter following.

Social media community managers also need to effectively coordinate with different departments to organize campaign launches, while still pushing launches and growth initiatives of their own.

Skills Necessary

Strong Organization
Strong Communication
Ability to Negotiate
Data-Based Decision-Making

How This Drives Results

Social media plays a big role in promoting initiatives from different departments and teams across a company. When a social media community manager effectively balances these promotions with other engaging and relevant content, they’ll be able to win the hearts and minds of their followers and internal stakeholders. 

How to Think About Social Media Management

With this diverse and highly visible role, it’s hard to believe that the social media community manager position is often still considered entry-level.

These eight jobs should be in the back of any hiring manager’s mind as they interview potential social media managers. If we can change the perception of the role, we’ll have a good chance of mastering the ability to measure and value social media’s ROI. 

free social media manager job description

download social media manager job description

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31 Tips for Your 2019 Job Search (from the pros)

If you plan on looking for a new job in 2019, then you’ll want to pay attention to the tips from these 31 career pros! They’ll help you launch and execute an effective 2019 job search.

Tips for 2019 Job Search

You don’t have time to learn how to job search by trial and error.

That’s why I tapped these career professionals and asked for their top job search tips (and favorite resources).

They live and breathe job search. Every day they are coaching job seekers, writing LinkedIn profiles and teaching interview strategies. These folks have seen and heard it all. That’s why their advice is so valuable.

As you read through these tips and see their favorite resources, I hope you will gain a new perspective on what it takes to land a new job.

There’s no true shortcut to securing a new job, but you won’t find a better source of information to guide your strategic activities during your search for a new job.

Note: Always make the extra effort. Whether it’s tailoring your resume for a job or sending a thank you message after an interview…the extra work you invest shows your interest and professionalism. Most importantly, it helps you stand out.


Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel |
Don’t depend on job boards.

Do the activities that will help you uncover the unpublished job openings where fewer applicants apply. Reach out to hiring managers directly with a powerful resume that will inspire them to create a great position around your skills.

Favorite resource:   Chameleon Resumes’ Resume Tip Sheet


Adrienne Tom

Adrienne Tom | Career Impressions
Identify your ideal job target before commencing a search.

If you don’t know what your ideal job looks like you won’t know how to find it or execute a clear strategy with well-aligned tools (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.).
Start by identifying the job title and work requirements that interest you.

Consider the type of work environment you perform best in (team-based, independent, or a combination of both). Ponder preferred company size, industry, culture, location, and structure. Now create a target list of companies that align with these requirements and start researching opportunities.

If opportunities don’t yet exist, strategize on how to create them. Leverage your network and the power of internal referrals to support your search execution. Let people know who you are, the value you have to offer, and exactly what you are looking for. Aim to make contact with decision-makers.

Finally, develop strong, relevant career tools that speak to, and address, the pain points of your ideal job and unique audience.

These combined efforts will prevent you from spinning your wheels and relying on an outdated ‘spray and pray’ job search approach. Targeted efforts are what will increase job search success in 2019.


Sandra Long

Sandra Long | Post Road Consulting LLC
Employee referral is the best way to get hired.

Focus on all the different ways you can connect into these employees. For example, find alumni from your school who work at your target employers by using LinkedIn search. Reach out to them to ask for insights about the company. Your conversation may result in a referral to the hiring manager.

Favorite resource: The LinkedIn Page for YOUR university. Click on Alumni tab and use the filters to find alumni based on employer, geography, industry, and function.


Virginia Franco

Virginia Franco | Virginia Franco Resumes 
Create lists.

Create a list of companies that interest you and people you know.

Tip: LinkedIn can help you create both and see where the items on your list intersect!


Laura Smith-Proulx

Laura Smith-Proulx | An Expert Resume
Plan ahead.

A successful job search requires a strong leadership resume, interview strategy, LinkedIn Profile, and networking activity, and you’ll get better results if you’re not trying to execute it last-minute! Assess your competitive strengths, document career wins, and build a potent social media profile, then strategically reach out to desirable contacts using job clubs, direct employer contact, and regular LinkedIn activity for greater visibility. Use the tips provided through if you’re unsure where to start.

Favorite Resource:



Jason Alba

Jason Alba | JibberJobber
Hope comes from choices.

I’ve learned that one of the most important things to have in your job search is hope. I’ve met with countless job seekers over the last 12+ years and while many put on a good face, once we talk a bit it isn’t too hard to learn that many people have lost hope… that they’ll land a job, that they’ll be happy in a job they land, that getting a job is “the answer,” etc.

Without even talking about discrimination or new-fangled ways of getting a job today, the big question is “will what I do matter? Will it be meaningful?” Add that to “how long will my next job last” and you have a lot of people who are not as hopeful as they once were.

I learned from the late Dick Bolles that hope comes from choices. When we have choices and options, we can have hope.

My hope came through entrepreneurship, yours might come from a change in industry or profession, or a new financial situation (downsizing, so you don’t need to make more at a job you hate but can make less at a job you love), etc.

I recently got laid off from The Best Job In The World, but during the layoff all I could think about was my other income streams. I had other options, and I had plenty of hope. It is my desire that you can find hope for yourself and your career in 2019 through choices and options!

Favorite Resource: (JibberJobber is an online app to help you organize and track your job search and relationships. It is a great tool during the job search, and the right tool for career management.)


Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland | Copeland Coaching
2019 is the year to look for a job.

And to wait until you find the right one for you! It’s the best job market that we’ve seen in an entire generation. Start looking, but don’t take the first thing that’s offered to you. It’s a job seeker’s market!

Favorite Resource: I really love the Workforce Report that LinkedIn shares each month. They identify gaps in skills, and often highlight areas of the country where certain skills are lacking. This is a great report to reference if you’re open to changing your geographic location. Here’s the latest report.



Phyllis Mufson

Phyllis Mufson | Catalyst for Personal & Professional Growth
The ‘buyers market’ for job seekers continues.

In 2018 there were many more job openings in the US than workers to fill the jobs, making it a ‘buyers market.’ This welcome news for job seekers will continue into 2019 and possibly for decades, due to big demographic changes. The Baby Boomer generation is filtering out of the workforce and the birth rate has reached a 30-year low. The birth-rate is now below the level needed to replace current retirees.

This means that willing workers with current skills who conduct an up-to-date job search will find it easier and easier to get and keep jobs.


Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez | Great Resumes Fast
Use quotes to prove the significance of your work.

Social proof is an excellent endorsement for the quality of the work you do. Ask for short quotes or testimonials from your network, former bosses, or take an excerpt from one of your LinkedIn profile recommendations.

Avoid ambiguous testimonials like “John is a great guy. We really value the work he did for us.” Instead, select a recommendation that’s specific: “John always takes the time and goes the extra mile for his clients. Because of his exceptional client care, he secured a $2M contract with a previously competitor-aligned company.”

Using a short quote is a great way to boast about yourself without coming off arrogant or prideful. Which is wonderful for those who are uncomfortable boasting about their wins. It also provides the much-needed proof and validation that employers are so hungry for.


Chris Russell

Chris Russell | Jobfairing
Put some creativity in your application.

When applying to a job online I recommend including a creative cover letter that shows you took the time to write by giving that employer your top 5 reasons why they should hire you. I actually create a graphical image that includes the company logo and an avatar of myself in order to stand out.


Jenny Foss

Jenny Foss | JobJenny
Don’t try to talk to everyone.

You’ll dilute the strength of your message across every single channel. Instead, narrow your target audience as much as you can. This tends to really scare people. They fear that they’ll miss out on an opportunity if they don’t leave all avenues open. But the problem with trying to target too many jobs or industries at once is that you make your efforts nearly impossible.


Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy Dalton | 3Plus International
Stay in touch…

My campaign for 2019 is to encourage women to stay in touch with the job market on an ongoing basis, which they tend to do less than their male colleagues. This puts them at a competitive disadvantage which makes them reactive rather than proactive and then more vulnerable in crisis situations.

Favorite Resource: 3Plus International’s Job Search Planning Template


Jacob Share

Jacob Share | JobMob
Know what (and where) there’s demand.

For best results in your 2019 job search, check where there’s the most demand for your skills and go there, physically or virtually. High demand jobs lead to companies who are desperate to hire and willing to do more to get you on board.

In some industries and geographic locations, demand is so high, companies will even train you in the few skills you don’t have as long as you have others they need. For example, the blockchain industry has been exploding the past few years, and while most of the jobs created are for tech people, there are many related jobs that are needed to fill out those growing companies.

Favorite resource: How To Get Into Blockchain Case Studies


Donna Svei

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer
Make 2019 the year you step away from online applications and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Recent research by Lever, a recruiter marketing firm, found that you have a 1:152 chance of getting a job when you apply through an ATS. By comparison, you have a 1:16 chance of getting a job when someone refers you to your target company. Make 2019 the year you make the effort to get referred to jobs!

Favorite Resource: Use This 10X Job Search Strategy



Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston | Briefcase Coach
If you have interviews coming up, it’s always a good idea to practice.

It’s impossible to perfectly predict what you’ll be asked, but you can anticipate themes (like: teamwork, organization, stress, diversity, difficult person, customer service, etc.) and prepare example stories that you can adapt depending on the wording of the question. It’s also a good idea to practice questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “greatest strengths/weakness” that have a high probability of being asked. Time spent practicing for an interview is never wasted time. You may only get one chance to interview for a dream opportunity.

Favorite Resource: is one of my favorite websites for research. If you find a decision maker on Linkedin and you are unable to find their e-mail address, Hunter is a great place to start. The site can also verify e-mail addresses.


Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn Lauby | HR Bartender
Prepare for the job interview.

While this has always been important, I’m amazed at the number of recruiters that tell me how unprepared candidates are for the interview. (i.e. don’t know what the company does, have no questions prepared, etc.)

Favorite Resource: 12 Things that Recruiters are Looking For Right Now


Alex Freund

Alex Freund | The Landing Expert
Win by understanding the thought process.

The job interview is a competition in the marketplace. You can’t win unless you understand the thought process of the interviewer/decision maker. (see the 4 principles below).

Favorite Resource: The Four Principles of Acing an Interview


Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan, Career Counselor | RobinRyan
Do this before your job interview.

Create some work examples of how you excel at your job. Be very specific. Outline where you were working, the skills you were using i.e. project management or leadership ability, state what you did and note the outcome or results of your efforts. These examples answer the situational questions many employers ask, but they can also answer some general questions and make it clearer to the employer how effective you are at performing the job. Write these work examples answers out and rehearse them. Then try them out on a friend. Get feedback. Perfect the answer before your interview.


Jared J. Wiese

Jared J. WIESE | Profiles That POP!™
Have a strong LinkedIn profile.

I’ve heard repeatedly from clients that about 6 years ago the job search changed. You could no longer post a résumé to job boards or even count on your old network. With over 87% of recruiters on LinkedIn, having a strong LinkedIn profile is critical.

Favorite Resource: The Best Free Advice to Get a Job


Donna Serdula

Donna Serdula | Vision Board Media, LinkedIn-Makeover
Make sure your LinkedIn Profile viewing options are set to Full Profile.

This means, when you visit a person’s profile, your name and a link back to your profile will be recorded on their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” stats page.

Why is this so important?

Let’s say you are asked to interview for a position. Prior to the interview, you check out the person’s profile who is conducting the interview. You want to know who this person is and you want to see what you may have in common. If you are set to Full Profile, the interviewer can see you checked out their profile. Don’t get nervous… THIS IS A GOOD THING! The interviewer now knows you are interested in the position and in them. They also know you are technologically savvy and that you are smart enough to do your due diligence and research. These are really important things.

Something so simple can really set you apart from other candidates who interviewed for the same position.
That little view can also act as a breadcrumb trail back to your LinkedIn profile… and if you optimized your LinkedIn profile, the information on your profile can act as an enforcer of why you are the ideal candidate for the position.


Denny McCorkle

Denny McCorkle |  University of Northern Colorado
Stop ghosting your connections on LinkedIn. Make an appearance at least once a day.

Social sharing career-related content shows potential employers and career stakeholders what you are LEARNING. Adding career-relevant comment to the social shares of others shows them what you are THINKING. And, social sharing your own accomplishments and professional activities shows them what you are DOING.

Favorite Resource: Flipboard is an excellent app to follow career-related news and career topics of your choosing. And, it provides you a real-time resource of content to social share on LinkedIn and other social media.



Marc Miller

Marc Miller | Career Pivot
Older job seekers need a network of younger workers.

One of the biggest challenges for those of us in the 2nd half of life is our network may be aging out. The people who helped us along may have retired, be no longer be in a position of influence or they may have died.

You must focus on building your network with people who are younger and possibly much younger than you. Even network with young people who are not in a position of power today but may be tomorrow. You never know who might be able to help you in the future.

Favorite Resource: Has Your Network Aged Out and Abandoned You?


Mac Prichard

Mac Prichard | Mac’s List
Stop inviting people to coffee (or asking to pick their brain).

Instead, request an informational interview.

Would you ask your boss, a leader in your field, or a coworker to a business meeting without an agenda, a time limit, and an outcome in mind?

Of course you wouldn’t. In an informational interview, you have goals for the conversation. You also know the results you want. And you consider the other person’s needs and how to meet them.

When you take these steps, you will get so much more from the conversation. And you will grow a relationship that will likely last long after your search ends.

When requesting an informational interview, it’s up to you to make the best use of everybody’s time and help persuade others to say yes to your request.

Favorite Resource: Stop Buying People Coffee (or Asking to Pick Their Brain)


Meg Guiseppi

Meg Guiseppi | Executive Career Brand
Be an original.

An important strategy for 2019 that’s been with us for years, but too many have still not embraced: Don’t be afraid to give a feel for your personality in your LinkedIn profile, resume, bio and other personal marketing materials.

Your job search profiles and documents are meant to differentiate the unique value you offer the employers you’re targeting, over the possible sea of other people competing against you. You’re much more likely to become a candidate of interest if you lean on your personal brand in these supporting materials.

We all know that recruiters and hiring decision makers sourcing talent look for candidates who have the right “hard skills”. More than ever, in 2019, they’ll also be looking for the right personal qualities or “soft skills”. Before reaching out to you, they want to get some idea of how you make things happen, how you work with people, what kind of leader or manager you are. This helps them see whether you’ll fit the company’s culture.

Don’t go overboard, but don’t be afraid to say things about yourself that you’ve never seen in a LinkedIn profile or resume. Things that indicate who you are . . . the way you operate and contribute . . . your guiding principles . . . your unique defining motto.

You’re an original. You’re not the same as your competitors. Tell your singular story. Let your personal brand help you tell people what makes you different, better, and more valuable to them.

Favorite Resource: 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Job Search 


Bob McIntosh

Bob McIntosh | MassHire Lowell Career Center, ThingsCareerRelated
Learn mobile technology.

I lead workshops and counsel clients one-on-one at an urban career center, where the average age of our clients is 50 plus. Many of these job seekers haven’t had to look for work for 10, 20, 30 years, or more. The job search for them is an eye-opening experience, to say the least. One aspect of the search our clients struggle with is having to use their Smartphone to respond to hiring authorities.

Hiring authorities are increasingly using their smartphones to contact potential candidates, and they’re reaching out not only during work hours but beyond the sound of the whistle. As an older job seeker, you should be cognizant of the methods hiring authorities are using to find talent. If you haven’t had to look for work in many years, these are some of the tools you must get familiar with in order to compete in a competitive labor market. And as time progresses, the phone will become even more prevalent in the job search. Make sure you keep apace of hiring authorities, or you may be left in the dust.

Favorite Resource:  Your phone should become your best friend. Here are some tools hiring authorities are using to fill positions:

Texting. The days when we used to talk on the phone are becoming a distant memory. As an older job seeker, get used to hiring authorities texting you day and night.
Dropbox, Google Drive, or iPhone Cloud. Store your résumé/s in these storage areas, so you can send them to employers when you’re away from your computer.
Zoom, Skype, Facetime. Yes, these applications are not only for your laptop. Install them on your phone and practice using one or all of them with friends and relatives.
LinkedIn’s mobile app. LinkedIn users are spending more than 50% of their time using the app. Some hiring authorities are using Messaging, as opposed to email, to communicate with potential candidates. Be sure to check your LinkedIn account daily, if not hourly.
Twitter and Facebook. These two applications aren’t only for family fun and teen tweeting. Hiring authorities are searching for job seekers and expect you to be participants. Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Demonstrate how tech savvy you are by using these applications.


Mark Anthony Dyson

Mark Anthony Dyson | The Voice of Job Seekers
Don’t compromise your data security and privacy at the expense of being “transparent and authentic”.

Take the extra steps to use discretion while trying to stand out. Review your Facebook privacy settings, and certainly, there are many resources to learn how to tweak it to your satisfaction.

Favorite Resource: Consumer Reports published their recommendations for extra security to protect your identification. It’s worth looking into here


Cyndy Trivella

Cyndy Trivella |  WorkScene
Don’t overlook the gig economy.

2019 is estimated to be as much a job seeker’s market as 2018 was. This does give job seekers an edge in the job market now, but as we all know, the job market ebbs and flows, so never burn a bridge you may need to cross again in the future.

The one trend that is predicted to grow in 2019 is the gig economy. This means you may be doing short-term, part-time or temporary assignments for companies. Don’t disregard these opportunities; they are a learning experience. You will get a fine view of the organization from an insider’s perspective and gain a better understanding of the culture… not to mention, you now have direct contacts within the organization. Assess your financial solvency to determine if you can take on this work style and if so, consider it your foot in the door.

Favorite Resources: Each single information source is generally limited in what data is available, so don’t limit yourself to just one resource. It’s important to take into account all facets of a potential employer so using a variety of resources is recommended.

For example, resources like Yahoo Finance, the stock market (where applicable), The WSJ and Fortune can shed light on the financial health of an organization.

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) can give you an indication of the company’s workplace atmosphere and often a view of the people who work there. Some industries, due to compliance and risk factors, choose not to have a presence on social media, so when looking for work, consider the industries of the companies you are targeting and not just the individual organizations.

Glassdoor and LinkedIn are a must use for anyone in a job search because you can find out who works at your target companies and on Glassdoor, what people are saying about these organizations. Caution: When using sources like Glassdoor, I recommend looking for trends or commonalities in comments rather than focusing on just the good or just the bad reviews. When using LinkedIn, try to find someone you can speak with who worked at the company you’re targeting. If the degrees of separation are outside of your ability to contact these individuals, look to see if you know someone who can make an introduction.

Another wonderful site is A Great Place to Work. Here you can find companies who have been ranked and rated by their own employees as an employer of choice and are the organizations who take the temperature of their culture often and seriously. Further, they have multiple categories for their coveted winners, so for example, you can easily search for companies in the retail sector if this is a targeted industry for you.

One resource that I highly recommend is setting up Google alerts on your target companies. Google alerts will keep you in the loop on the activity taking place at the companies on your target list. When appropriate, the information in the alerts can be integrated into your interview conversation and make you sound more knowledgeable about the organization, which is always a good thing.

And last but not least, use your people network. This will always be the most important resource you have.


Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter |  CareerTrend
Go small + deep.

In today’s FOMO digital world, we easily get swept up trying to be everywhere all the time: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Whether promoting our career, upping our personal brand, building community, adding to our achievements trail, or a combination of all of those, it can be overwhelming + exhausting.

It also can create a mirage–the false impression you are gaining momentum through more and more exposure. While there is value in being digitally present, the value has diminishing returns when you try so hard to be visible and/or popular that your reputation for intimate, meaningful correspondence erodes.

I challenge job seekers to go small, and deep, in 2019 in their careers and job search. The results may amaze you!

Favorite Resource: Joe Jacobi’s “Sunday Morning Joe


Marie Zimenoff

Marie Zimenoff | Career Thought Leaders
Your online activity will matter more in 2019 than ever before.

Job seekers have long known the importance of cleaning up their social media activity when in job search, but in 2019 social media activity will take on a new level of importance in job search and career advancement.

In 2018, a Jobvite survey of recruiters showed that 77% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to source and screen candidates, 63% are using Facebook, and 25% are using Instagram. In addition, companies are starting to use software that scans and scores social media profiles and activity to match candidates to openings.

The good news for job seekers is that in this tight labor market companies are using social media to proactively find candidates that might not fit the mold of a traditional applicant for the position. Engaging in conversations and communities around passions could put a job seeker on the radar for a position they would not have been deemed “qualified” for in years past. Being authentic and a bit more transparent could now be in their favor.

The bad news for job seekers is that the temptation to cross the line into vulgar, violent, and other negative conversations online is at an all-time high. While being passionate about a cause could create a connection point with a company, displaying rude behavior could get them ruled out for a position as software is also evolving to screen social media interactions for red-flag behaviors.

The bottom line? Job seekers who create profiles that connect with their audience and build their visibility through thought leadership and engagement in communities of interest will now have more opportunity to be found and stand out from the competition.


Ryan Rhoten

Ryan Rhoten | CareerBrand
Conduct a digital audit.

Conduct a Digital Audit and use it to clean up (sort out) your online presence.

Favorite Resource: CareerKred, Ryan Rhoten’s hot new book on how to audit, monitor and build online credibility!


Susan P Joyce

Susan P. Joyce |
Know the company’s culture.

Based on painful personal experience, I highly recommend that job seekers learn as much as possible about the employer’s “culture” before accepting a job offer or wasting time trying to land a job there! A relatively new website, (, seems to do a much better job than other employer review sites of offering insight into company cultures.

Assuming that the “anonymous” employee reviews are genuine, Comparably looks like an excellent source of very important information about employers.

Employers are rated and receive “awards” in comparison with Comparably-determined competitors based on those employee reviews. The reward categories are very significant. Categories include: Company Culture, Best CEO, Diversity, Women (how women rate the work environment), “Happiness,” Compensation, Leadership, Managers, Perks and Benefits, Meetings, and Professional Development. This important information is broken down by department, job title, and location!

Favorite Resource:

Check out the presentation:

31 Tips For Your 2019 Job Search from Hannah Morgan

The post 31 Tips for Your 2019 Job Search (from the pros) appeared first on Career Sherpa .

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What Your Google Tag Manager Container Should Contain – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by DiTomaso

Agencies, are you establish for continuous Google Tag Manager success?GTM isn’t the most convenient tool on the planet to deal with, however if youunderstand how to utilize it, it can make your life a lot easier. Make yourfuture self better and more efficient by establishing your GTMcontainers properly today. Dana DiTomaso shares more pointers andtips in this edition of Whiteboard Friday.

Click on the white boards image above to open a high resolution.variation in a brand-new tab!

.Video Transcription.

Hi, Moz fans. My name is Dana DiTomaso. I am President and.partner at Kick Point , which is.a digital marketing firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. Today I’m.going to be talking with you about Google Tag Manager and what your.default container in Google Tag Manager need to include. If, I’re in SEO, there are definitely a great deal of things Google Tag.Supervisor can do for you.

But if you’ve type of stated to yourself, “You understand, Google Tag.Supervisor is not the simplest thing to deal with,” which is reasonable, not, and it utilized to be a lot even worse, however the more recent variations are.respectable, then you may have been a little frightened by there and doing things. I truly advise that you consist of.Since later on you is going to be truly, these things by default.pleased that existing you put this things in. I’m going to go.through what’s in Kick Point’s default Google Tag Manager.container, and after that ideally you can take a few of this and to your own things.

Agencies, if you are enjoying, you are going to wish to produce a.default container and utilize it once again and once again, believe me.


So we’re going to begin with how this things is set out. What.we have are tags and after that activates. The manner in which this works is the.When a trigger, tag is sort of the thing that’s going to occur.takes place.

.Conversion linker.

So tags that we have in our default container are the conversionlinker , which is utilized to assist conversions with Safari.

If you do not understand a lot about this, I advise searching for a few of.the limitations with Safari tracking and ITP. I believe they’ 2.2 at the time I’m taping this. I suggest inspecting that.out. This conversion linker will assist you get around that. It’s.a default tag in Tag Manager, so you simply include the conversion.linker. There’s a great short article on Google about what it does and how.everything works.


Then we require to track a variety of occasions. You can.If that, track these things as customized measurements or custom-made metrics.drifts your boat. I indicate that’s up to you. , if you are familiar with..utilizing custom-made measurements and custom-made metrics, then I presume you.most likely understand how to do this. If you’re simply getting begun.with Tag Manager, simply begin with occasions and after that you can roll your.method as much as being a specialist after a while.

.External links.

So under occasions, we constantly track external links, so anything.that explains to a domain that isn’t yours.

The manner in which we track this is we’re taking a look at every link.that’s clicked and if it does not include our customer’s domain,.We tape it as an external link, and that’s an occasion that we.record. Now keep in mind, and I’ve seen mishaps with this where.somebody does not put in your customer’s domain and after that it tracks.every click to a various page on your customer’s site external link. That’s bad.

When you move from HTTP to HTTPS, if you do not upgrade Google.Tag Manager, it will begin taping links improperly. Bad.What this is truly beneficial for are things like when you connect.out to other sites, as you must when you’re composing short articles,.informing individuals to discover more details. Or you can track.If individuals, clicks out to your various social homes and see.are really clicking that Facebook icon that you stuck in the.header of your site.

.PDF downloads.

The next thing to track are PDF downloads.

Now there’s a restriction to this, obviously, because if something and your PDF comes out and after that they click it.straight from Google, naturally that’s not going to appear in your.Analytics. That can appear in Search Console, however you’re not get it in Analytics. Simply keep that in mind. If, this is.somebody clicks to your PDF from a particular page on your site.Once again, you’re embellishing the link to state if this link consists of a.PDF, then I wish to have this.

.Scroll tracking.

Then we likewise track scroll tracking. When, now scroll tracking is.individuals scroll down the website, you can fire an occasion and track at say.25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the method down the page. Now the important things is.with this is that your mileage is going to differ. You will most various portions. By default, in all of our containers we.put 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Based upon the customer, we may alter.this.

A sophisticated, sort of level up strategy would be to choose particular.aspects and after that when they go into the viewport, then you can occasion. Let’s state, for example, you have a truly us to action and due to the fact that various gadgets are various sizes,.it’s going to be a various portion of the method down the page.when it appears, however you wish to see if individuals got to that primary.CTA. You would desire to include an occasion that would reveal whether or.not that CTA was displayed in the viewport.

.If you google Google Tag Manager and tracking things in the, #ppppp>.viewport, there are some fantastic short articles out there on how to do it. It’s not that.tough to establish.

.Kind sends.

Then likewise form sends. Naturally, you’re going to wish to.tailor this. By default put kind sends in your container,.When somebody is making your container, since I ensure that.let’s state for a new site, they will forget tracking.type sends unless you put it in your default container and they.take a look at it and state, “Oh, right, I need to modify that.” Constantly put.kind sends therein.

.Tel: &&mailto: links.

Of course you wish to track telephone links and mailto: links.Telephone links must constantly, constantly be tappable, which’s.something that I see a great deal of errors. Especially in regional SEO,.They do not when we’re dealing with truly little service sites.make the telephone links tappable. Due to the fact that individuals, it’s most not understand how. In case you do not understand how, you simply telephone and.A colon and then the telephone number.

<> (555) 555-5555<.

That’s it. That’s all you require to do.Similar to a link, other than. instead of heading out to an HTTPS://, you’re heading out to number. That is going to make your visitors’ lives so.a lot easier, especially on mobile phones. You constantly wish to.have those be tappable. Then you can track the number of individuals.who tap on telephone links and individuals who tap on mailto: links.precisely the exact same method. Now something that I do need to state, however,.is that if you are utilizing a call tracking supplier, like CallRail.Which is one that we utilize, then you’re going to desire to.shut this off, since then you might wind up in double.counting.

.If you’re tracking every call made out from your, #ppppp>, then CallRail would have an Analytics combination, and.You would be tracking taps and you may likewise be tracking.telephone clicks. You can track it if you desire to see how lots of.individuals tap versus getting the phone and calling the.old-fashioned method with landlines. You can likewise do that, however that’s.completely as much as you. Simply keep that in mind if you are going to.track telephone links.

.All pages tracking.

Then, naturally, all pages tracking. Make certain you’re tracking.all of the pages on your site through Google Analytics. Those.are the tags.


Next up are the triggers. I have a tag of external links.I require a trigger for external links. When, the trigger states.someone clicks an external link, then I desire this occasion to.occur.


So the occasion is where you structure the classification and after that the.action and the label.

.External links.

The manner in which we would structure external links, for instance, we.would state that the classification for it is an external link, the click, and after that the label is the real link that was clicked.. You can see you can go through each of these and see.where this is occurring.

.Kind sends.

Then on things like type send, for instance, our label might be.the particular kind.

.Tel: &&mailto:.

On telephone and mailto:, we may track the contact number.


On other things, like PDFs, we may track like the page that.this occurred on.

.Page scroll.

For scroll tracking, for instance, we would wish to track that somebody scrolled down on. When you’re, what I advise.establishing the occasion tracking for page scroll, the classification page scroll, the action must be the portion of which individuals.scroll down, and after that the label needs to be the URL.

Really think about it in regards to occasions, where you’ve got the.classification, which is what took place, the action, which is what did the.individual do, and the label is informing me more info about this.Actions are generally things like scroll, click, and tap’re going to be elegant and track mobile versus desktop. It things like type send, for instance, or simply send. Simply.truly fundamental things. Truly the 2 things that are going to the distinction are things like labels and classifications, and the.action is simply the action that occurred.

I’m truly pedantic when it pertains to establishing occasions, however I.believe in the long term, once again, future you is going to thank you set this things up appropriately from the start. You can.truly see that the tag goes to this trigger. Tag to activate, set off, and so on. Actually believe about making sure that every one.If it makes sense, of your tags has a matching trigger. Now.we’re going to leave you with some suggestions on how to establish your Tag.Supervisor account.

.Tips 1. Utilize a Google Analytics ID variable.

So the very first pointer is utilize a Google Analytics ID variable. It’s one.of the integrated variables. When you enter into Tag Manager and Variables, it’s one of the integrated variables therein. I.truly suggest utilizing that, due to the fact that if you hardcode in the GA ID.and something occurs and you need to alter it in the future copy that for another person or whatever it may be, you’re.going to forget.

I ensure you will forget. You’re going to desire to put.When and it’s all over, that variable in there so you alter it.You’re conserving yourself a lot time and suffering. Simply utilize a.Google Analytics ID variable. if you have a truly old container.When you initially set it up, perhaps the variable wasn’t a thing. One.of the important things I would suggest is go check and make certain you’re.utilizing a variable. Make a to-do for yourself to if you’re not.remove all the hardcoded circumstances of your GA ID and rather.change it with a variable.

It will conserve you a lot headaches.

.2. Develop a default container to import.

So the next thing —– companies, this is for you —– develop a.default container to import. Undoubtedly, if you’re working in-house,.you’re most likely not making Google Tag Manager containers all that.frequently, unless you operate at state a homebuilder and you’re making.microsites for each brand-new house advancement. You may desire to.produce a default container on your own. Firm side for sure,.you desire have a default container that you make so every cool concept.that you think about, you believe, oh, we require to track this, simply put.all of it in your default container, and after that when you’re getting make one for a customer, you can choose, oh, we do not require this,.or yes, we require this.

.When you’re setting up, #ppppp> It’s going to conserve you a load of time.containers, since I discover that that’s the most labor-intensive.part of dealing with a brand-new Tag Manager container is considering,.” What is all the things I wish to consist of?” You desire to make sure.that your default container has all your little suggestions and techniques.that you’ve collected for many years in there and recorded of.course, and after that pick a client-by-client basis what you’re.going to leave and what you’re going to keep.

.3. Utilize a calling plan and folders.

Also utilize a calling plan and folders, once again since you might working there permanently, and someone in the future is going to.wish to take a look at this and believe, “Why did they set it up like this?What does this word suggest? Why is this variable called foo?” You.understand, things that have actually irritated me about designers for many years and.years and years, designers I like you, however please stop calling.things foo. It makes no sense to anybody besides you. Our.calling plan, and you can completely take this if you desire, is we go.item, result, and after that what.

So, for instance, we would have our tag for Google Analytics It would state Google Analytics. This is the item.that the important things is going to go to. Occasion is what is the outcome of.this thing existing. What is the PDF download. It’s.truly clear, all right, I require to repair this thing with PDF download.Something is incorrect.

It’s sort of odd. Now I understand precisely where to go. Once again, with.folders too, so let’s state you’ve carried out something such as.content usage, which is a Google Tag Manager dish that you.can get on our site at, and I’ll make certain to it in the records. Let’s state you get that. You’re wish to take all the various tags and sets off that occurred.with material usage and toss that into its own folder and after that.different it out from all of your standard things.

.If you have whatever to begin in a folder called Basics, #ppppp> Even.or Analytics or occasions versus Call Tracking versus any of the other.billion various tracking pixels that you have on your site,.it’s an excellent concept to simply keep all of it arranged. I understand it’s 2.minutes now. It is conserving you a life time of suffering in the.future, and the future you, whether it’s you working there or.someone who winds up taking your task 5 years from now, simply much easier on them.

Especially too, when you reflect to state Google Analytics has.been around for a long period of time now. When I return and take a look at a few extremely, really initially analytics that I established, I may take a look at it and.believe, “Why was I doing that?” If you have documents, at.least you’re going to understand why you did that actually odd thing 2008. When you’re looking at this in 2029 and you’re, or.believing, “Why did I do this thing in 2019?” you’re going to have.documents for it. Simply actually keep that in mind.

.4. Audit frequently!

Then the last thing is auditing frequently, which indicates as soon as.every 3, 6, or 12 months. Choose a period that makes good sense typically you’re entering into the container. You enter and you take a.take a look at each and every single tag, every trigger, and every.variable. Simo Ahava has a truly good Google Tag Manager sort of.auditing tool .

I’ll make sure to connect to that in the records. You.can utilize that to simply go through your container and see what’s up.Let’s state you checked out some sort of screen recording, like you.set up Hotjar 6 months back and you wound up selecting say.another item rather, like FullStory, so then you wish to make.sure you eliminate the Hotjar. The number of times have you discovered that you.take a look at a brand-new site and you’re like, “Why is this on here?”

No one at the customer can inform you. They’re like, “I do not understand.where that code originated from.” This is where auditing can be truly.useful, since keep in mind, in time, every one of those amusing little.pixels that you evaluated out some item and after that you wound up not.opting for it is weighing down your page and perhaps it’s simply a.number of split seconds, however that things builds up. You truly do.wish to enter and audit frequently and get rid of anything you’re not.utilizing any longer. Keep your Google Tag Manager container tidy.

A great deal of this is concentrated on undoubtedly making future you extremely.pleased. Auditing will likewise make future you extremely pleased. Ideally,.out of this, you can develop a Google Tag Manager default container.that’s going to work for you. I’m going to ensure also, when.the records is out for this, that I’m going to consist of a few of.the links that I discussed along with a link to some more ideas.on how to include things like conversion linker and ensure I’m.When this video is released, upgrading it for.

Thanks a lot.

Videotranscription by

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Andreessen pours $22M into PlanetScale’s database-as-a-service

PlanetScale’s creators created the innovation called Vitess that scaled YouTube. Now they’re offering it to any business that desires their information both regularly available and protected. And thanks to its capability to re-shard databases while they’re running, it can resolve companies’ problems with GDPR, which requires they save some information in the exact same area as the user it comes from.

The possible to be a computing foundation that both takes on and matches Amazon’s AWS has actually now drawn in a massive $22 million Series A for PlanetScale . Led by Andreessen Horowitz and signed up with by the company’s Cultural Leadership Fund, head of the United States Digital Service Matt Cutts plus existing financier SignalFire, the round is a high action up from the start-up’s $3 million seed it raised a year back. Andreessen basic partner Peter Levine will sign up with the PlanetScale board, bringing his business launch know-how.

PlanetScale co-founders (from left): Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane

” What we’re finding is that individuals we believed were at one point rivals, like AWS and hosted relational databases — — we’re finding they might be our partners rather considering that we’re seeing a sensible need for our services in front of AWS’ hosted databases” states CEO Jitendra Vaidya. “We are growing rather well.” Contending database start-ups were raising huge rounds, so PlanetScale gotten in touch with Andreessen searching for more firepower.

PlanetScale offers Vitess, a predecessor to Kubernetes, is a horizontal scaling sharding middleware constructed for MySQL. It lets organisations section their database to improve memory effectiveness without compromising dependable gain access to speeds. PlanetScale offers Vitess in 4 methods: hosting on its database-as-a-service, licensing of the tech that can be run on-premises for customers or through another cloud service provider, expert training for utilizing Vitess, and on-demand assistance for users of the open-source variation of Vitess. PlanetScale now has 18 consumers spending for services and licenses, and prepares to launch its own multi-cloud hosting to a basic audience quickly.

With information ending up being so important and security issues increasing, numerous business desire cross-data center resilience so one failure does not break their app or erase details. Frequently the tradeoff is disproportion in how long information takes to gain access to. “If you take 100 questions, 99 may return lead to 10 milliseconds, however one will take 10 seconds. That unpredictability is not something that apps can cope with” Vaidya informs me. PlanetScale’s Vitess offers business the defense of redundancy however constant speeds. It likewise permits organisations to constantly upgrade their duplication logs so they’re just seconds behind what’s in production instead of doing routine exports that can inconvenience to track deals and other information in real-time.

Now geared up with a lots of money for a 20-person group, PlanetScale prepares to double its personnel by including more sales, marketing, and assistance. “We do not have any issues about the engineering side of things, however we require to determine a go-to-market technique for business” Vaidya discusses. “As we’re both technical co-founders, about half of our financing is going towards working with those functions [beyond engineering], and making that part of our company work well and get outcomes.”

But while a $22 million round from Andreessen Horowitz would be amazing for practically any start-up, the financing for PlanetScale might help the entire start-up community. GDPR was developed to rule in tech giants. In truth, it used compliance expenses to all business — — yet the abundant giants have more loan to spend for those efforts. For a smaller sized start-up, determining how to follow GDPR’s information localization required might be a substantial engineering detour they can barely manage. PlanetScale provides them not just databases however compliance-as-a-service too. It fragments their information to where it needs to be, and the start-up can concentrate on their real item.

They scaled YouTube — — now they ’ ll fragment everybody with PlanetScale

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21 Ways to Triple Your B2B E-Commerce Conversions

Posted by OliviaRoss

It takes thoughtful work to scale an e-commerce store. I’m
sure you’ve had a few growing pains of your own getting to the
point where you are today. However, you’re reading this because
you may not be content with where your conversions are at this
precise moment. You may not even know if your conversion rate is
good or not!

Today, I will give you 21 tips (yes 21!) on how to double (even
triple) your current conversion rates.

But first, let’s determine what counts as a conversion.

These are the usual suspects for e-commerce conversion

An online sale
A user adding a product to their cart
A user adding an item to their wishlist
Email signups
Social media shares
Any KPI your company finds valuable

So, what’s a good e-commerce conversion rate?

The Monetate Ecommerce
is a great source for regularly updated benchmarks on
conversion for large e-commerce brands.

From this data, we know that the average e-commerce conversion
rate is between 2 percent and 4 percent; but we don’t want to be
average, do we? 

Let’s break down some suggestions you can use to improve your
site faster.

1. Fix your analytics

Analytics that are in tune to the needs of your business will
give you real insight into how people are using your site, and show
you obvious improvements that need to be made in your CRO

With most analytics, there’s usually something that isn’t
tracking properly to give you full clarity into what your customers
are doing. You need to properly track your goals to give you that
insight and help you find out what your site visitors are doing.
For instance, are you looking at what people who search your site
are doing, or people who enter your site through specific
categories, product pages, or information pages?

To find out which events are leading to a purchase, tweak your
analytics by segmenting traffic that tracks repeat purchasers.

2. Use Hotjar or other qualitative data tools

You can make wild guesses based off of “best practices” all
day, but you won’t know what your customers are doing unless you
see it. By using qualitative data tools such as Hotjar or CrazyEgg,
you’ll have real insight into what your customers are looking

You can achieve this by creating heat maps, session
recordings, conversion funnels, and user polls.

Heatmaps will show you an average of where all visitors are
clicking and scrolling in a static image. Session recordings will
record the screens of visitors on your site so you can view the
video and see exactly what the customer is looking at and what they
are clicking on.

By creating a conversion funnel, you will be able to see where
people are dropping off. For example, if you create a funnel from
the homepage to the shopping cart, to the confirmation page, you
may be able to see that about 75 percent of users are dropping off
in the cart process.

Then, you can view session recordings of that step in the funnel
and see where people are getting confused or frustrated with your
shopping cart process. Pretty cool, right?

Lastly, you can leverage polls on Hotjar — they’re effective
because they give your customers a chance to voice what they think
of your site. Try asking questions like “What is keeping you from
getting your [insert product name or offer] today?”

Often times, people respond with answers like “I need more
information,” “I don’t need this right now,” “Too
expensive,” or “I don’t know if I’ll like this brand.” If
the majority of people are saying it’s too expensive, you may
want to either reconsider who you are targeting or reevaluate your

3. Display your phone number prominently

Customer service is essential in online commerce. You want
customers to feel that you are readily available for any questions
or problems they may run into. Ensure your phone number is clearly
visible in the header, footers, and the checkout process of your
site at all times.

If nothing else, at least make sure you have a Contact Us page
with all methods of contact options listed.

See the phone number in the top right on Selini NY’s website?

4. Clearly state unique selling propositions (UVP)

I preach this in basically all of my blog pieces. It’s
essential to think in the mind of the customer: Why would I buy
from you over anyone else? Are you cheaper, faster, do you get
better results? Why are you so special?

I suggest placing your UVPs in your headlines as often as
possible since that’s going to be the first bit of information a
person will read on each of your product pages.

5. Grab visitors’ attention quickly

In reality, you have about three seconds to capture your
prospective customer’s attention. This goes back to the UVP as
you want to make sure your copy is captivating, but you also want
to use quality images, GIFs, and videos to back up your claims.

For example, if you sell software, it could be valuable to show
a quick and straightforward video of the software in action. Why?
This way, people can get a realistic view of what your software
does without having to leave your site or contact someone.

6. Optimize for mobile

First, let’s explain with some statistics from
on why it’s imperative to optimize your mobile

77 percent of Americans own a smartphone.
Over 230 million U.S. consumers own smartphones.
Around 100 million U.S. consumers own tablets.
79 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase online
using their mobile device in the last 6 months.
Almost 40 percent of all e-commerce purchases during the 2018
holiday season were made on a smartphone.
E-commerce dollars now comprise 10 percent of ALL retail
80 percent of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical
store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find
alternative store locations.
An estimated 10 billion mobile connected devices are currently
in use.

Keep in mind, these are just U.S. statistics! With the world
turning away from desktops and utilizing their phones more than
ever, your B2B e-commerce business must keep up with the times.
Optimize your mobile site by writing concise titles and copy
focused on the benefits that solve your customers’ pain

Make sure your site’s load time is acceptable by plugging your
URL into Google’s
PageSpeed Insights
. Google will give you a score and
recommendations on what you need to fix.

See below:

7. Give
detailed product descriptions

Good news: You’ve captured your audience’s attention! Now,
it’s time to keep them engaged.

When in doubt, air on the side of too much information. Too
often do people bounce from pages because they weren’t able to
get their questions answered.

Avoid unnecessary bounce by providing as much information about
your product as possible. This includes all benefits, how it works,
the features, what it can and cannot do, and anything else that is
critical for a customer to know.

For example, look below at how descriptive
is about its B2B e-commerce solution. I’ve
included a snippet here of a very long web page covering nearly 20
different benefits of using Salesforce for your online

8. Add a product
video or demonstration

Adding a product video or demo goes hand-in-hand with your
product description. Your website isn’t a brick and mortar store
where people can walk in, talk to you, pick the product up in their
hands and ask all of their questions about the item.

So, ideally, you want to get as close as possible to the real
experience digitally. Provide a clear walkthrough or demonstration
on how to set up and use your product. Customers may be wary of
buying if they don’t know how easy or difficult it is to use.

Make it as plain as day and make it so they can’t say no!

9. Build a structure to easily find products

To better assist your customers in finding the exact product or
service that fits their needs, add filters to your category pages.
For example, how many products do you have? If it’s more than a
handful, can you filter them by size, price, color, style?

If you offer a service instead of a product, do you have
separate services with different functions that fall under that
parent service? You can see how Flexfire LED guides you to the
right product with their structured product menu. Could you imagine
if this was just one long list of all products with no categories?
It would be chaotic.

10. Set up
rotating banners of top products

Offer your champion products up front when new and returning
visitors land on your homepage. This helps guide customers to a
decision sooner instead of letting them figure out which product
may work for them on their own.
has several rotating banners showing the top and latest products
they have to offer, keeping their customers constantly in the know
and wanting to learn more.

11. Obtain customer emails

Try to access targeted emails through a pop-up, or offer a
coupon code where you continuously market to customers in the
decision phase.

Zappo’s rewards program
does a great job of getting people to sign up for free shipping and
returns and exclusive access to 24/7 customer service.

Email marketing is a practice every B2B e-commerce company needs
because business executives are constantly checking their email. In
fact, those who use email marketing see an average of
40x more ROI
from this practice as opposed to any other
marketing tactic.

When writing email campaigns, focus on educating and informing
your customers, which frames your company in a way that offers
solutions to their problems. Let them know what your services are,
why they work, and how your brand solves problems.

12. Allow customers to review products

Reviews are a critical part of determining a purchase. Why? The
same reason so many people buy from Amazon — we want to know,
from real people, if these products are legit. The social proof of
reviews creates trust and helps people move forward confidently as
they purchase items. It can be extremely beneficial to include top
reviews on your product pages to ease your visitors’ minds into
choosing you.

Additionally, you want the review to explain how your team works
and what makes your brand different from competitors. So, ask
previous clients, how did your brand make a positive impact on
their business?

13. Provide product testimonials

Along with review star ratings, try to have written or recorded
(video) testimonials spread throughout your product pages, landing
pages, and homepage. Again, your prospects want to know what others
are saying about your services/products, so show them!

Notice how each testimonial explains exactly how B-school helped
them succeed. Sarah’s testimonial is especially notable because
she has some solid numbers in her quote: $50,000 in one week is a
great result and could prompt new customers to work with B-School
as well!

14. Provide free shipping

Customers would rather pay $10 more to get free shipping than pay a
$4.99 shipping charge. I’m guilty of this myself. But why is

Anna Kegler from RJMetrics explains it well

“Most shoppers are still more accustomed to the
offline store than the online environment. Because of this, we lack
the context for understanding how shipping costs factor into online

As a customer, if I’m shopping online for the sake of
convenience, but then see “convenience” is going to cost me $10
or $20, you better believe I’m going to start crunching numbers
in my head about how that money factors into the time it would have
taken to go to the store.

Guess what happens if the math doesn’t add up? Carts get
abandoned as “Unexpected costs” and it’s the
number one reason

shopping carts are abandoned

15. Offer coupons

Coupons can be beneficial to gain interest and encourage people
to try your product or service out. However, it’s essential to
use coupons sparingly, as always being the lowest price point could
end up hurting your business.

For example, if you’re offering 50 percent off on too many
different services/products, you are cutting your revenue in half.
Although you may get some more new customers this way, you won’t
have enough money to sustain your business. Plus, a coupon does not
guarantee repeat business. How many times have you bought something
just once because it was free or discounted?

Instead, focus on providing outstanding service and overall
unique brand experience. Here are some appropriate ways to use

Sell “stale” inventory

You can’t make money if you can’t sell your inventory, so
this is the best time to start utilizing coupons. Either give a
percentage discount on individual items, a BOGO type of offer or
offer a free item once a certain spending threshold has been

For example: “All orders over $250 get a free wireless phone
charger. Use coupon code: CHARGE250”

Show appreciation for customers

According to
.: “Acquiring new customers costs 5 to 10 times
more than selling to a current customer — and current customers
spend 67 percent more on average than those who are new to your

All the more reason to show your current customers some love!
Email coupon codes to loyal customers to show thanks for their
continued support.

Reward new customers with automatic discounts

For new customers, automatically apply discounts towards their
first purchase with your business, but don’t try to sell this
upfront. Surprise is a great tactic to make lifetime customers.

As you can see above, new customers at Check Depot get a
discount off their entire first order. Little bonuses like that
don’t hurt to try!

16. User personalization

Smart Insights reveals
that one type of personalization
(“visitors who viewed this also viewed”) can generate 68
percent of e-commerce revenue.

You can see how everything is broken by recommendation type and
how each one increased revenue. Try these out on your own site to
see where you get the most traction. Just remember, according to

, good e-commerce personalization should:

Meet users’ needs
Avoid turning visitors off with poor recommendations
Be used only where the potential return justifies your
investment is a shining example of all of this.

Nearly every element on the Amazon page is personalized in some
way, including the personal “Olivia’s” link, the
personal hello, the link to my account, and my “Wish List”. All
suggested items are based on my past searches so nothing is
recommended to me outside my realm of interests.

Strive to be on this level for your own customers and you’ll
start seeing your profits increase.

17. Competitive Pricing

If you have seven competitors, and they all offer their product
between $200–$400, but yours is $1200, you may run into some
friction from prospects who are shopping around. If you’re going
to have a high price point, you must justify it.

The amount a customer is willing to pay boils down to their
perception of your brand, and this ties back into your UVP. Let’s
say you want a customer to pay three times as much for your product
over your competitors. Think to yourself, what makes you three
times better than competitors 1 through 7? Is your product of the
highest quality?

A smart way to determine what pricing will be acceptable to your
buyers is by keeping your buyer personas up to date.

provides a good example of this:

“Create profiles for your customer types that identify their
buying concerns, what motivates them to buy your product, their
income, and other insights that will help you understand their
willingness to pay. With this knowledge, you’ll feel secure in
what you are charging for your product and more confident that you
will make sales.“

18. Make
your “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons prevalent

How can a customer buy from you if your button to purchase
isn’t accessible? It doesn’t have to be rocket science!

Keep in mind, in western countries, we read left to right, so
you’ll notice in the image above that the add to cart button is
in the bottom right corner after most of the important information
has already been reviewed. This is a wise spot for these Cart and
Checkout buttons since most people on Amazon are reading through
product and shipping details before adding to the cart.

19. Use live chat or chatbots

What works better? Utilizing chatbots will help to avoid the
overhead of staffing for a live chat. However, you will probably
get a better response from customers through using live chat.

Why? Buyers want a personalized customer experience that fits
their needs, just as if they walked into a brick and mortar

Today, we’re using all of these digital tools to find out why
people are bouncing — Hotjar, Qualaroo, Rejoiner — but what if
we just let visitors tell us right away what they need from us as
businesses? Think of all the friction that has been removed just by
having a quick conversation with your customers as they entered the

Look at how SiteGround proves you are talking to a real expert
that can help you based on an actual photo, name, ratings and how
many customers have been served. On another note, who is that lady
on the right? I’m pretty sure her name isn’t Diego like it
shows. When using live chat, make it clear to your visitors that
they are actually talking to a live person.

If you choose to take the chatbot route, be upfront with
customers and don’t try to trick them into thinking that a bot is
a real person. See how the Facebook Chatbot Bitcoin Buddy deals
with its limitations below:

20. Show
that your site is secure

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects of e-commerce.
Without proper protocols in place, online sellers put themselves
and their customers at risk for payment fraud. Yikes.

Trust badges, trust seals, logos of your payment providers, the
little secure “lock” icon on the browser, and more add that
needed security to get your customers to buy. Most importantly, you
must set up your store with an
SSL certificate (https:// pages)
. Lastly, require the CVV for
debit and credit cards for added security.

Referral marketing tactics

Read more:

These startups are locating in SF and Africa to win in global fintech

To end up being an international fintech gamer, find your business in San Francisco and Africa.

That’’ s the method of payments business Flutterwave, digital loaning start-up Mines , and mobile-money endeavor Chipper Cash —– Africa-founded endeavors that preserve head office in San Francisco and operations in Africa to tap the very best of both worlds in VC, designers, customers, and the frontier of digital financing.

This plan wasn’’ t precisely collaborated throughout the endeavors, however TechCrunch protection got the pattern and some typical intentions amongst these increasing fintech companies.

Founded in 2016 by Nigerians Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola, Flutterwave has actually placed itself as a worldwide B2B payments services platform for business in Africa to pay other business on the continent and abroad.

Clients can tap its APIs and deal with Flutterwave designers to personalize payments applications. Existing clients consist of Uber, and African e-commerce unicorn .

The Y-Combinator backed business is headquartered in San Francisco, runs its operations center in Nigeria, and prepares to include workplaces in South Africa and Cameroon.

Flutterwave opened a workplace in Uganda in June and raised a $10 million Series A round in October. The business likewise plugged into journal activity in 2018, ending up being a payment processing partner to the Ripple and Stellar blockchain networks.


Read more:

9 Pillar Page Examples to Get You Started With Your Own

Earlier this year, a handful of my capable and very intense associates assembled a report on subject clusters. Now initially, what the heck is a subject cluster?

A subject cluster is an approach that utilizes a single “pillar page” as the primary center of material for an offered subject. All of your material possessions associated with that subject link back to the pillar page– and the pillar connects out to each property.

Here’s why it’s crucial to your material method.

Topic clusters aren’t simply a good, tidy method of arranging material that brings glee to the most Type A of online marketers (me, for example). It likewise keeps Google delighted. As it ends up, the online search engine giant has actually altered its algorithm to favor topic-based material , making pillar pages a requirement for material online marketers who wish to preserve a high SERP ranking.

 Download Now: 6 Free Blog Post Templates

Here’s a helpful video discussing how subject clusters work:

Now, let’s dive into what these pillar pages suggest for your service.

.What is a pillar page?

My coworker, Sophia Bernazzani , does an outstanding task of summing up pillar pages (and comparing them to HubSpot Marketing Blog’s own previous technique of subject company) in her post on the subject here . As the previous paragraphs recommend, she states:

” A pillar page is the basis on which a subject cluster is developed. A pillar page covers all elements of the subject on a single page, with space for more thorough reporting in more comprehensive cluster post that link back to the pillar page. Pillar pages broadly cover a specific subject, and cluster material need to deal with a particular keyword associated to that subject thorough.”

What’s more, nevertheless, is that the concept of a pillar page is to cover broad material in such a way that is extremely linkable itself– that is, external websites would connect to it as a canonical resource for the subject. To put it into visual terms, here’s what our blog site architecture utilized to look like utilizing this old playbook:

 Disorganized site structure prior to HubSpot utilized pillar pages to develop subject clusters

This is where the subject cluster design enters play. Utilizing subjects you wish to rank for, you can arrange the mess of material above by enhancing it for particular keywords associated with its particular subject. Link all of those subjects back to a pillar page.

Think of this pillar page as a subject’s flagship, and your post are all smaller sized soldier ships that get and offer assistance from this flagship. This company provides higher online search engine authority due to the fact that it informs Google you’ve devoted a particular quantity of digital realty to this subject, and are to be thought about a reputable response to users’ concerns on that subject when they perform a search.

Now, as we’ve developed several subject clusters, here’s what our blog site facilities now appears like:

 Content structure utilizing the subject cluster design by HubSpot

See how the website architecture is more purposeful in this design? The visual above demonstrate how it arranges content properties together to assist searchers more quickly discover info within your domain.

It has 3 primary elements:

.Pillar material (your pillar page).Cluster material.Hyperlinks.

 Icon legend for HubSpot's subject cluster design

Okay, you get it– pillar pages are both crucial and good for SEO. on average, a page that ranks # 1 in Google will likewise rank well for around 1,000 other associated keywords . What are they expected to look like? Are visual appeals crucial? How do you arrange all of your material possessions on a pillar page?

Actions speak louder than words– states the author– which is why we looked for responses to those concerns by method of pillar page examples that do an outstanding task of connecting and arranging to content properties.

.9 Great Pillar Page Examples.1. Typeform: Brand Awareness.

 Pillar page on brand name awareness by Typeform

At very first glimpse, it’s difficult to overlook the favorably inbound-y nature Typeform’s Brand Awareness pillar page. It was developed to notify, and measures up to its tagline: “Nearly whatever you require to understand.”

Not just is it visually pleasing– the color scheme is, in some way, simultaneously both strong and calming– however it’s rather simple to browse. The tabulation appears instantly, and when you start to take in the material, it’s clear, detailed, and quotable.

.Typeform’s Internal Linking Strategy.

Notice how the details is inserted with CTAs to tweet numerous noteworthy quotes:

 CTA to tweet quote from Typeform's pillar page And while there are a number of links throughout the pillar page, the huge bulk of them do not connect to other Typeform material properties. It’s not till towards the end of the pillar page that those links to other Typeform pages start to appear, and even them, they’re utilized moderately, and usually utilized to support points and direct readers to services.

.2. Cloud Elements: The Definitive Guide to API Integration.

 cloud-elements-pillar-page-example Cloud Elements is an API combination platform that assists business get in touch with third-party software application. A HubSpot consumer, the business has actually produced some remarkable pillar material that (always) digs deep into the principle of software application combination for its readers.

Cloud Elements’ API combinations pillar page , revealed above, breaks a complex subject down into 7 absorbable actions– the very first of which is revealed listed below. Notification how the pillar utilizes a “drifting” tabulation along the lefthand side to keep reader’s attention and advise them what phase of the procedure they’re discovering. This is a beneficial method to take full advantage of the reader experience and the time they invest in the page.

 cloud-elements-pillar-page-table-of-contents Cloud Elements’ Internal Linking Strategy.

Cloud Element’s internal connecting method does a minimum of 3 valuable things for readers:

.It connects out to article on its site that broaden on the procedures presented in the complete, conclusive guide;.It connects back into the pillar page from each of these article; and.It catches readers’ contact details by using a packaged, ebook-style variation of the pillar for readers to download, show associates, and take with them for long-lasting reading.

As an outcome, Cloud Elements saw a 53% boost in natural search traffic to its site, and almost all of the blog site posts connected to the pillar page saw their own private natural traffic development.

.3. Matthew Howells-Barby: Customer Acquisition Strategies.

 Pillar page on consumer acquisition techniques by Matthew Barby

HubSpot’s Director of Acquisition, Matthew Howells-Barby , is no complete stranger to the HubSpot Marketing Blog, or individuals who comprise its group. We frequently estimate him here, and regularly plague him with our own concerns. Naturally, his site is a go-to resource for online marketers who wish to find out about SEO– and it consists of an excellent pillar page on client acquisition techniques.

.Matthew’s Internal Linking Strategy.

Similar to the Typeform example, there’s a visible lack of marketing links within the very first area of the page. As you scroll down the page, you’ll likewise see that links to Howells-Barby’s other content properties are both tastefully and flawlessly placed in between big pieces of tactical info.

 CTA on Matthew Barby's pillar page

But these links are appropriate and additional, and there aren’t lots of them– all of them direct the user to Barby’s tools on the subject at hand, which is client acquisition. Rather of bombarding the user with many in-text links, properly designed CTAs are utilized to enable readers to click to discover these tools.

.4. HubSpot: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity Apps.

 HubSpot pillar page on the supreme guide to performance apps

Sometimes, pillar pages can appear like and come from the very same blog site home for which it’s constructing SEO authority. Just recently, we embraced this idea in our really own subject cluster design. Above is our pillar page for efficiency apps, a subject we understand a lot of our readers appreciate and have concerns on.

The pillar page above has a blog-like title, function image, and byline much like the particular blog site posts that come from this cluster. It’s likewise on the exact same domain as our blog site material– These characteristics reveal Google there’s a noticeable connection in between the pillar, which is a lot longer than each article to include each subject, and the blog site posts it connects out to.

.HubSpot’s Internal Linking Strategy.

 Related Articles internal connecting method on HubSpot's pillar page

In addition to the blue anchor text CTA to download associated material– as displayed in the very first screenshot of our Productivity Apps pillar page, above– these pillars likewise connect out to each page in the subject cluster utilizing an RSS feed at the bottom of the pillar page.

In the screenshot straight above, you’ll see each short article coming from the Productivity Apps cluster connected in a “Related Articles” carousel. This carousel permits us to connect out to each short article in this cluster as they’re produced, even more enhancing the whole cluster as an outcome.

.5. The Atlantic: Population Healthier.

 Pillar page on health care by The Atlantic

Pillar pages are likewise an exceptional method to produce and arrange sponsored material with a co-marketing partner. Case in point: The Atlantic partnered with athenahealth to put together a report (and pillar page ) on health care in the U.S.

The material is definitely bananas– in the definitely finest method possible. It starts with a story about a historic structure in the Massachusetts town of Lowell, which ventures into a full-blown interactive, animated, and extremely details report about the state of health care protection in cities like this one as the user scrolls down. The whole time, there’s a valuable plus-sign along the left side of the page that, when clicked on, provides a table of contents.

.The Atlantic’s Internal Linking Strategy.

On The Atlantic’s pillar page, links to extra material discovered on are a bit more widespread than the previous example. Keep in mind, this pillar page was produced to support sponsored material. It provides an arranged, non-intrusive method of connecting to this sponsored (however still useful) material that relates back to the main subject of health care in the U.S.

 CTA on The Atlantic's pillar page

The Atlantic attains that by positioning properly designed, however obvious links at the end of each area. These lighter-colored boxes match the visual style that precede them– such as with the link to “The Culture Wars” material in the example above.

.6. 3PL Central: State of the Third-Party Logistics Report.

 3PL-central-pillar-page-example 3PL Central is a storage facility management platform that utilizes the cloud to make jobs like shipping, billing, and stock simpler to track for organisations. A HubSpot user, the business regularly produces fresh brand-new pillar material that, in 2015, increased the business’s site traffic by almost 900% and conversions by almost 200%.

3PL Central’s pillar page example , revealed above, consists of a series of usage cases for 3PL’s item in resolving the different logistical difficulties services today will deal with. In this method, the pillar operates in a number of fascinating methods: First, it places the pillar as an information resource that other publishers are more likely to connect to– developing the backlinks that are vital to 3PL Central’s natural search ranking. And 2nd, it keeps their possible consumers abreast of the current difficulties in logistics and storage facility management– driving worth into the item from a variety of angles.

.3PL Central’s Internal Linking Strategy.

Across 3PL Central’s pillar page, the business connects out to a variety of various pages on their site where readers can get more details on a specific topic the pillar discuss. A few of these links direct to landing pages and contact types, where readers can dig much deeper into particular topics, and 3PL Central can offer itself more chances to produce leads from readers of the initial pillar.

.7. ProfitWell: SaaS DNA Project.

 Pillar page on the anatomy of a SaaS Marketing Site by ProfitWell

We like material that makes great usage of examples to mention finest practices– simply take a look at what we’re performing in this post. In a relocation comparable to Typeform’s in its Brand Awareness pillar page, ProfitWell’s pillar page on “ The Anatomy of a SaaS Marketing Site ” includes plenty of “in-the-while” circumstances of both what to do when it comes to SaaS marketing material– and what not to do.

Building that sort of info into a pillar page– or any material, for that matter– preemptively addresses the concern of, “I understand what I’m expected to do. What should I prevent at all expenses?”

.ProfitWell’s Internal Linking Strategy.

 CTA on ProfitWell's pillar page

Once once again, there’s a visible absence of link inundation here. Within each chapter, a visual CTA remains along the right-hand side of the page that permits users to download the complete Anatomy of a Saas Marketing Site guide, in addition to a single click-to-tweet alternative for one line of quotable text from the area. It’s a no muss, no hassle technique that suits well with a text-heavy website, which does not sidetrack from the primary material.

.8. GoodUI: Evidence.

 Pillar page on lead conversion proof by GoodUI

We’re definitely pleased by the principle of “Easter eggs”– those little covert, puzzle-like treasures on the web that show up cool techniques or nuggets of details. And to us, GoodUI’s ” Evidence” pillar page is one huge Easter egg.

.GoodUI’s Internal Linking Strategy.

The page includes information– or “proof”– from numerous A/B tests that have actually discovered patterns for greater conversions. Clicking any information point throughout the page will direct the audience to a broadened, detailed view of the test causing that details. It’s a gold mine of distinctive, engaging experiment outcomes.

 Internal connecting technique on GoodUI's pillar page

Within that sub-content, there’s a CTA at the bottom of each devoted test area to share your own test, offering the reader with a chance to contribute her own material and findings to a currently outstanding myriad of info.

.9. GatherContent: UX Design and Content Strategy.

 Pillar page on UX style and material method by GatherContent

I like this pillar page, due to the fact that you can download it.

Pillar pages are created to be the flagship for the subjects on which you prepare to produce great deals of material, however they do not need to simply be SEO home builders. According to GatherContent’s pillar page , revealed above, they can likewise be lead generators.

This pillar page is a long, open file of subtopics about user experience (UX) style that functions as a PDF you can download to your computer system.


Take an appearance at the tabulation that follows the title page, above. As you can see, you can download this guide to your computer system (after entering your name and e-mail address).

.GatherContent’s Internal Linking Strategy.

 CTA to download content technique guide on GatherContent's pillar page

GatherContent’s pillar page does not focus much on connecting out to associated material on UX style. Rather, it connects to another guide on an associated subject. There, readers will see a sneak peek of a PDF they can then download utilizing their name and e-mail address.

This is an example of a material method that utilizes pillar pages to rank its lead-generating material straight on Google.

What ‘d you believe? Which pillar page design interested you the most? No matter how you arrange your material, an extensive pillar page is the assistance beam that assists you rank well in search throughout many subjects throughout your market.

 New Call-to-action

Read more:

Anastasia Ashley, Aubrey Marcus, & Rob Pannell | The Rewards of Self-Belief | #podSessions 6

Truly delighted that I got Anastasia Ashley, Aubrey Marcus, and Rob Pannell on this episode of #podSessions – 3 fantastic professional athletes with fascinating and various stories.

Anastasia Ashley:
Instagram –
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Aubrey Marcus:
Instagram –
Twitter –

Rob Pannell:
Instagram –
Twitter –

Thank you for enjoying this video. I hope that you stay up to date with the everyday videos I publish on the channel, subscribe, and share your knowings with those that require to hear it. Your remarks are my oxygen, so please take a 2nd and state ‘‘ Hey ’
;-RRB-.– Join my #FirstInLine neighborhood:

— Follow my entrepreneurial journey here:

►– ► Subscribe to my channel here: ► Check out my 2nd channel here:►– Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial business owner and the CEO and creator of VaynerMedia

, a full-service digital firm servicing Fortune 500 customers throughout the business ’ s 4 places. Gary is likewise a respected speaker, investor, 5-time’New York Times Bestselling Author, and has actually been called to both Crain ’ s and Fortune ’ s 40 Under 40 lists. Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a company and marketing focused Q&A video program and
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40 Dropshipping Business Ideas To Make Money From Your Own Home [Suppliers Included]

.toc-click, .toc-click:hover, .toc-click:focus, .toc-click:active { color:#252525; text-decoration:none; } .toc-btn { border-radius: 2px; line-height: 24px; color:#506ca0; } .toc-btn:hover { } .toc-click.collapsed .show-toc { display:inline-block; } .show-toc, .toc-click.collapsed .hide-toc { display:none; } .show-hide { font-size: 14px; }

There’s no shortage of business ideas under the sun, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a major challenge thinking of one.

Coming up with great drop shipping product ideas is the first step in entrepreneurship. It’s also the step where most aspiring entrepreneurs trip up and give up.

A lot of people dream of starting an dropship business from home, being their own boss, and making money online. But only a few ever turn that dream into reality.

But thinking of great dropship ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, overthinking it can prevent you from taking action. This is known as paralysis by analysis.

Finding a product to dropship that has low competition and high profit margins can be overwhelming.

So to help you started on the right track and inspire you to take action, we’ve done the analysis and market research for you.

Using data from Google Trends and SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab, we’ve found 40 profitable home based business ideas.

This is valuable information that has the potential to make you a lot of money on eBay, Amazon, or your own online store.

Whether you choose to sell one of the products listed below, or use them as a launching pad for your own idea is not important. What’s important is that you stop thinking about following your dream, and start doing.

How to start an eCommerce business
The best product and market research tools
40 eCommerce and dropshipping niche ideas

Fitness Trackers
Bluetooth Speakers
Smart Watches
Wooden Watches
Muslin Blankets
Teeth Whitening Kits
Resistance Bands
USB Charging Dock
Baby Carrier
Smoothie Blender
Organic Tea
Bluetooth Headphones
Seamless Underwear
Security Camera
Anti-aging Cream
Beard Oil
Yoga Mat
Yoga Leggings
Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes
Printed Socks
Facial Mask
Waterproof Bag
Insulated Bottles
Sports Bra
Anti-dandruff Shampoo
Wiper Blades
Tea Tree Oil
Tote Bags
LED Lamp
Men’s Grooming Products
Calligraphy Pens
Eyelash Extensions
Artificial Flowers
Kids’ Tent
Rice Cooker
RFID Wallet

Bonus: How to Start an Online Business from Home

If you’re here for the profitable product ideas and haven’t yet started your online business, our educational resources will get you started in no time.

The beginners' guide to starting a business selling things online
A step by step guide to starting an online store
How to set up your online business
Your complete guide to dropshipping

The Best Product and Market Research Tools

Coming up with new business ideas is the easy part. Validating those ideas takes time.

Even if you choose to pursue one of the profitable product ideas listed below, we recommend doing your own product and market research. It’s just a good skill to have and a good habit to get into.

There are several online tools that you can use to validate (or eliminate) your business ideas.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab The SaleHoo Market Research Lab removes the guesswork from market research. It uses data from eBay and Amazon to determine the viability and profitability of thousands of products and connects you with trusted suppliers.
Google Trends Google Trends is a powerful engine that shows you how a search term, or product, has been trending over time. It provides you with an idea of how much interest there is in your target product or niche and whether it’s trending up or down.
AliExpress (Hot Products) The Hot Products section of China-based online retailer AliExpress shows you which products are in high demand. You can browse the list to see if your product or niche (or something similar) is popular right now.

Amazon (Best Sellers) Amazon Best Sellers shows the most popular products, based on sales data, for every niche. You might be surprised what you find here. The best sellers are updated hourly so it’s always up-to-date.

eBay (Trending) Trending on eBay shows you what users are searching for the most. It currently only includes a top 10. If you want to go deeper with eBay, you can sign up for in-depth Marketplace Research by Terapeak.

Pinterest Pinterest is one of the internet’s main trendsetters and taste centers. By searching your product and niche on Pinterest you can get an idea for the level of interest, as well as the styles and brands that people like most. is up with the latest products and trends, which is important if you want to tap into an emerging market. This website is likely to keep you ahead of the crowds. You can browse the online marketplace for the most hip items for business inspiration. is the world's largest, most popular trend community. This website is has everything you need to keep you at the cutting-edge of what’s hot and what’s not, providing daily inspiration, advice, and market insights.

40 Profitable eCommerce and Dropshipping Business Ideas

Here it is, folks. The most comprehensive list of new business ideas and best drop shipping products for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs.

We’ve used data from the SaleHoo Market Research Lab and Google Trends, as well as insights from eCommerce experts to compile this list of products to dropship.

We’ve gone the extra mile by including suggested suppliers that you can source these products from.

Keep in mind that a trending product can quickly lead to a saturated market, so we highly recommend conducting your own market research before choosing your niche.

Even if you don’t choose one of these products, you can use this list to think of complementary or similar items that aren’t quite as popular – yet.

1. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers exploded onto the scene with big name brands like Fitbit and Garmin. These are the smart devices you wear like a watch that measure things like steps, heart rate, distance travelled, and elevation gained. They are hugely popular with both amateur and professional sportspeople. Google Trends data shows that interest peaked around Christmas time in 2017, but it still remains strong. Worldwide revenue from fitness trackers is expected to continue growing USD$2.57 billion this year to $3.33 billion in 2022. This suggests that there will continue to be strong market demand for these devices in the coming years.

A great example from the SaleHoo Market Research Lab is the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, which has an average sale price of $176, a sell rate of 90%, and medium competition. This makes it a very attractive prospect.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Big brands like UE and Beats helped to make bluetooth speakers cool and pretty much every electronics company has joined the party. You might think bluetooth speakers would be a saturated market by now – and you may be right – but there are still opportunities to find untapped corners of this niche. A recent study found the portable speaker market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 11% between 2017 and 2021.

A quick look at the SaleHoo Market Research Lab shows that the JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker could be a good option with an average sale price of $100 and an 83% sell-rate. However, it’s considered to be a highly competitive product given the popularity of the brand.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Aosaidi Digital Store

3. Smart Watches

Similar to fitness trackers, smart watches have been finding their stride in recent years. Picked up by early adopters, smart watches are now strapped around the wrists of technology stragglers. The rise of wearable technology is likely to see smart watches become more a part of our lives. Worldwide wearables sales are predicted to grow by an average of 20% each year over the next five years, becoming a $29 billion market by 2022. What does this mean for your new startup ideas? It means that smart watches aren’t going anywhere soon and if you’re thinking about getting into an electronics-related niche, smart watches might a good option.

SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab suggests the Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch is selling well online with a $254 average sale price and an 80% sell-rate. Competition is said to be low, but you’ll be competing with 36 sellers on Amazon.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

4. Wooden Watches

If you’re looking for startup business ideas in the fashion accessories market, wooden watches are worth exploring. Wooden watches have become markedly more popular in the last three years. They are the antithesis of smartwatches, tapping into the eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural product movement. The global watch market is predicted to grow by 8% between 2017-2021. And while it is a crowded market dominated by big name brands, there are still opportunities to capitalize on the popularity of wooden watches, especially with some crafty branding and marketing.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

5. Muslin blankets

Also known as swaddle blankets, muslin blankets have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years. Muslin is a lightweight, finely-woven, breathable cotton fabric. If you’re looking for dropshipping niche in the baby items market, you should seriously consider adding muslin blankets to your store (just look at the Google Trends data!). There are plenty of ways to differentiate yourself by stocking a variety of patterns, styles, sizes, and materials. As long as we keep having babies, there will always be high demand for baby products.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

6. Teeth Whitening Kit

The high cost of professional dental treatment and the rise of personal care products has seen increased interest in teeth whitening kits. Something happened in 2015 that saw these dental kits take-off and they’ve continued to ride a wave of popularity. Everyone has teeth, so you can be sure there will be steady demand. Research predicts the global teeth whitening products market to reach $7.4 billion by 2024. And there is growing consumer preference for over-the-counter products in countries such as Germany, France, UK, India and China.

An example from the Salehoo Market Research Lab is the AuraGlow Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening Kit with low competition and an average sale price of $37. There’s no information on the sell-rate yet, which shows just how low competition is for this product.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the simplest and most versatile workout tools. They’re also one of the most popular. Resistance bands are a great business idea for someone wanting to get into the health and fitness market. They can be used for a whole body workout while on the go. They’re lightweight, cheap, and in demand. The market is expected to grow by 11.99% between 2018-2022.

While there are quite a few people selling resistance bands on eBay and Amazon, the DONGJI Resistance Band Set could be a good option with added features (door anchor, hand grips) and low competition.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

8. USB Charging Dock

Interest in USB charging docks has fluctuated over time but remains high. USB charging docks allows you to charge multiple USB devices via one power outlet. They have become a necessary household hack to keep those smartphones, tablets, watches etc charged. If you want a slice of a $37.89 billion market by 2025, then USB charging docks could be a winner.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

9. Baby Carrier

Even though babies have needed carrying since forever, for some reason interest in baby carriers has been on the rise. You can get all sorts of carriers, but the most popular are baby slings, wraps and soft-structured carriers. Their popularity can be linked to the “attachment parenting” trend. This dropshipping niche presents many options for aspiring entrepreneurs.

There are several different baby carriers in the SaleHoo Market Research Lab, but the Infantino Carry On Carrier looks like a high-quality, high-price option with a 100% sell rate.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Sunveno Official Store

10.  Smoothie Blender

If you haven’t heard the hype around smoothie blenders, you’ve been living under a rock. These home appliances are part of the health food craze that has people blending kale, spinach and chia seeds into a breakfast beverage. While there are some big brands like Magic Bullet and Nutri Ninja that seem to dominate this market, there are plenty of opportunities to make money from blenders online.

A couple of options from the SaleHoo Market Research Lab are the Vitamix 5200 Blender and the Hamilton Beach Elite Multi-Function Blender. They are located at opposite ends of the market with medium competition and positive sell rates.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Kitchenware Kitchen

11. Organic Tea

Organic tea is hip with health-conscious consumers. Interest in tea has increased gradually over the years and many online sellers are capitalizing on it. This is because there are so many varieties of tea and potential for trendy branding and marketing. Varieties such as matcha, chaga, and turmeric teas are a few options, and you can always create your own blends. The organic tea market is predicted to grow by more than 5% a year between 2017-2021.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Bearpaw Old Tea Set Store

12. Bluetooth Headphones

With Apple ditching the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, bluetooth headphones (and earphones) have become a big deal. It is hugely appealing to no longer have to deal with tangled headphone cords, or have them getting in the way at the gym. Consumers expect wireless products these days, so demand is strong. The headphone and earphone market is expected to exceed $25 billion by 2025 and bluetooth technology is fueling that growth.

If you’re looking for a dropshipping niche at the high end of the market, the SaleHoo Market Research Lab suggests the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones as a profitable, low-competition option.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

13. Seamless Underwear

What do celebrities wear on the red carpet underneath their elaborate, expensive dresses? Seamless underwear, apparently! It’s not only super comfortable, but it also prevents “panty lines” created by seams. Aside from a huge spike in interest in 2009, seamless underwear has become increasingly popular. If you’re looking for startup ideas in the womenswear or underwear markets, you’ll definitely want to invest in seamless garments.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

14. Security Cameras

Home security systems will account for an estimated $47 billion of the total security market by 2020. For whatever reason, people are investing heavily in DIY home security. Tapping into this demand could be a great online business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The SaleHoo Market Research Lab suggests the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera could be a dropshipping niche that makes you money in 2019 with a high average sale price and low competition.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

15. Anti-aging Cream

Everyone ages, and (almost) everyone cares about how they look. The global anti-aging market is predicted to surpass $330 billion in 2021. It’s huge. Google Trends data for anti-aging cream shows that interest has been increasing steadily. If you’re looking for business ideas in the personal care market and you want guaranteed demand, anti-aging cream is for you.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

16. Beard Oil

A market that barely existed in 2013 is now a major player in 2019. Beards are cool again thanks to hipsters and lumbersexuals. And with that has come a surge in beard care products, particularly beard oil. The US market for men’s shaving goods is predicted to grow 10% between 2017 and 2020. While a lot of brands have latched onto this trend already, you may have success if you can brand and market a beard oil product creatively.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

17. Yoga Mat

The same consumers that wear wooden watches, use smoothie blenders, and drink organic tea (see above) are probably doing yoga. It’s the epitome of new age, Eastern, health-conscious practices that have taken over the Western world. Sure, there are a lot of online business already selling yoga mats, but if you can find a way to make yours stand out, there’s money to be made. The yoga mat market is expected to grow by about 7% annually between 2017-2021.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Weisure Outdoor Store

18. Yoga Leggings

If yoga mats are too niche for you, yoga leggings might be a better business idea. Yoga leggings are worn for yoga, but can also be used at the gym, jogging, walking the dog, or grabbing a quick coffee at a cafe. The activewear trend has created a booming market. You could look at getting a private label product started with your own brand and designs if you want your business to really stand out online.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

19. Vaporizers and E-Cigarettes

Look at that upward trend. Vaping is on a high. Vaping is considered a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. Leonardo DiCaprio does it, so you know it’s a big deal. It’s smoking for the digital age and is expected to be a $48 billion industry by 2023.

If you’re looking for a business idea at the low end of the market, the Starter Kit Vaporizer Vape Pen in the SaleHoo Market Research Lab provides a taste of what’s out there. While it has a low sale price and medium competition, you will ideally want something with a sell rate of 50% or higher.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

20. Printed Socks

Printed socks have had a roller coaster ride, according to Google Trends, with predictable spikes around Christmas time. For whatever reason, socks have become more of a fashion statement in recent years. It’s probably partly due to the cropped pants trend. The options for patterns are endless so you could create a really stylish new business around printed socks. They’re cool with hipsters and the slightly eccentric alike. You can also take advantage of holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

21. Facial Mask

Facial masks have long been popular, but with new trends emerging every few months there’s always potential to make money by staying ahead of the curve. A quick search of the #facemask hashtag on Instagram shows hundreds of thousands of people experimenting with different formulas, from charcoal to gold, caffeine, and clay. Celebrities and Instagram influencers are fueling this trend.

One of the best deals we could find for you in the SaleHoo Market Research Lab is the Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask. With a solid average price of $36, a 100% sell rate and low competition, you’d be lucky to find a product with better numbers.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

22. Waterproof Bag

Interest in waterproof bags, also known as dry bags, has been slowly increasing over time. They are typically made from synthetic materials and coated with a waterproofing, used to protect digital devices, clothing, and other items during water-based activities. Their popularity may be linked to backpacking and outdoor sports, such as hiking, kayaking, sailing etc. They could also be marketed to families for days at the beach or by the swimming pool. If your startup idea is outdoors related, waterproof bags would be a good fit.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

23. Insulated Bottle

To give you an idea of the potential for insulated bottles, one company S’well made more than $100 million in 2016. If your business idea can tap into a small share of the total market, you could be away laughing. Insulated bottles keep liquid cold or hot, they help to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles, and they look cool.

A great business idea that others have tapped into is creating a private label product with the Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle, featured in the SaleHoo Market Research Lab. There are examples of people selling these bottles for close to double the average sale price below after slapping their own brand on them.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Innovative Kitchen Store

24. Massager

Massagers have experienced a gradual rise in popularity, suggesting steady market demand. Online sellers are having success with handheld electric massagers. Consumers are becoming more conscious of self-care and electric massagers can help with chronic pain relief and injury rehabilitation. The global electric massager market is expected to grow by about 6% a year till 2021.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

25. Matcha

Matcha is powdered green tea leaves, which is typically mixed with hot water. Its popularity is linked to the health food trend that has seen increased demand for organic tea (see above). There are said to be many health benefits of matcha, including boosting metabolism, detoxifying the body, and enhancing mood and concentration. Matcha is a great entry or addition to an eCommerce business that sells health products.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

26. Sports Bra

The sports bra is the new t-shirt, according to this Time article, and they’re giving the lingerie market a run for its money. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and the Kardashians have been promoting sports bras a high-fashion favourite. They are no longer simply workout wear for the gym and have been adapted to cater to women’s multi-dimensional lifestyles. The hype around sports bras has seen major brands flood the market. However, if you’re looking for a killer new business idea, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into the skyrocketing popularity of sports bras.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

27. Anti-dandruff Shampoo

The global anti-dandruff shampoo market is expected to exceed $6 billion by 2020. Environmental and dietary factors are leading to more people experiencing dandruff and searching for shampoo treatments online.

The SaleHoo Market Research Lab shows Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo has an average sale price of $24, an 82% sell rate, and medium competition.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Naluuse Cosmetic Online Shop

28. Ukulele

Ukulele sales have experienced “explosive growth” in recent years as consumers seek out the smaller alternative to the guitar. Whether there’s been a resurgence of folk music, or a popular artist who plays the ukulele, we’re not sure. But something is driving increased interest and sales. If you’re looking for a business idea in the musical instruments niche, ukuleles are a good option in 2019.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

29. Wiper Blades

This may seem like an odd product to include. However, everyone who has a car (and that’s a lot of people!) needs wiper blades. Wiper blades are one of those easy fixes that can be done yourself to avoid added costs at the auto mechanic. It seems that more people are catching on to the DIY approach to car maintenance, and wiper blades are a logical place to start for total newbies.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

30. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the darlings of the natural products industry. Known for its antiseptic properties, it is one of the most popular essential oils money can buy. It’s also said to help with acne, bacterial and fungal infections, head lice, and psoriasis. Not to mention its uses as a natural deodorant, insect repellant, and laundry freshener. If you can find a way to carve out a corner of the tea tree oil market with your new online business, you’d be onto a good thing.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Maycheer Makeup Store

31. Tote Bags

Tote bags have become an essential fashion item for women. The Cut described them as the biggest handbag trend for spring 2019. They’ve been steadily increasing in popularity. This is partly because they are a form of self-expression, more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, and more ethical than leather. Most tote bags are made of sturdy cloth or canvas material, but the styles and designs are limitless.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

32. LED Lamp

Starting an online business that promotes energy efficiency is a good move in today’s conscious consumer environment. LED lamps and lights are exactly that. They make consumers feel good by conserving energy at home while also saving them money on power bills. LED lamps also come in a range of designs, including some pretty cool 3D optical illusion lamps. The LED lighting market is predicted to experience a compound annual growth rate of 13%, which is huge by any standard. It’s a growing market ripe for the right eCommerce business idea.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

33. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not exactly trending upwards on Google Trends. But if you look at the graph it’s clear that they experience seasonal spikes. The reason sunglasses are a great dropshipping niche that will make you money is that they’re cheap to make and highly versatile. If you can be ahead of the curve with sunglasses fashion you can cash in before others catch on. Sunglasses are also a great option for private labelling, which adds instant value to your product.

A possible product option from the SaleHoo Market Research Lab are the FEIDU Polarized Classic Retro Wayfarer Sunglasses with a $12 average sale price and low competition.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

34. Men’s Grooming Products

The trend around men’s grooming paints an interesting picture. This market experiences massive peaks just ahead of Christmas each year and then dies off majorly. But don’t be put off by seasonal business ideas. This trend goes to show that there’s a lot of money to be made from men’s grooming products every Christmas and with the right marketing to the right people, you could have serious success with this business idea. Think body wash, deodorant, shaving kits, cologne – all things that men need that make great Christmas gifts.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

35. Calligraphy Pens

Calligraphy is experiencing a revival. The ancient art of lettering is popular again, believed to be linked to the rise of adult colouring-in and mindfulness craft activities. Some boutique companies are turning to calligraphy for their branding and signage and the artform is even gaining a following on Instagram and Pinterest. The hype has led to a steady increase in search queries, which makes this a great dropshipping niche for an arts and crafts online store.

The Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set in the SaleHoo Market Research Lab looks like a great option to get started with. The low competition and 67% sell rate is a good sign. Ignore the $2 average sale price. These sets are being sold for upwards of $50 on Amazon.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

36. Eyelash Extensions

Kim Kardashian and Youtube beauty tutorials have had a major influence on the popularity of eyelash extensions. Bustle said fake lashes are 2019’s top beauty trend. People used to have to go to salons to get eyelash extensions, but now you can do it yourself at home. While this is a saturated market, a motivated online seller with a strong business idea can still have success with eyelash extensions.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

37. Artificial Flowers

Fake flowers are becoming increasingly popular at weddings for brides (and grooms) who want to save money. They’re also decorative around the home and office. Even Vogue magazine says “it’s time to reconsider fake flowers”. The main benefits of fake flowers are that they don’t wilt and die and they’re easy to ship and transport. If you’re looking to get into the wedding market, artificial flowers could be your first step down the aisle.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Huadodo Official Store

38. Kids’ Tent

Kids love building forts and escaping into their little worlds of fun and imagination. But these days forts come ready-made as kids play tents. They’re a trending product in the children’s toys market and a great business idea for anyone looking to get into this niche.

The Little Dove Kid’s Foldable Teepee Play Tent looks like a great option with low competition, a $55 average sale price and 50% sell rate.

39. Rice Cooker

So it looks like the world’s figured out that cooking rice on the stove is harder than it sounds and discovered the revolution that is rice cookers that deliver perfect rice every time. Rice cookers have become an essential household item, much like smoothie blenders above. If you’re looking at starting a business in the kitchen appliance or kitchenware niche, adding rice cookers to your list could be a winner.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access

40. RFID Wallet

RFID wallets protect your credit cards from being skimmed by digital devices used by fraudsters and scammers. A rise of awareness around data and personal security is helping to drive demand for RFID wallets. They’re also popular with travelers going to countries where credit card theft is rife. The global smart-connected wallets market, which includes RFID wallets, is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.72% between 2017-2021.

SALEHOO SUPPLIER: Click here to access
ALIEXPRESS SUPPLIER: Yixiangqing Leathergoods Co

So, there you have it – 40 great online business ideas and dropshipping niches to kickstart your eCommerce journey! We hope you find a startup idea in this list that helps you make money online in 2019. Let us know if you’re selling any of these products or have other ideas for profitable niches in the comments below.

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5 Conversion Optimization Tactics that Also Drive Traffic

 Conversion Optimization Tactics that Also Boost Traffic Conversion optimization does not need to stand in a method of traffic acquisition. CRO and SEO are even more efficient when integrated. These 2 marketing channels can (and should!) successfully notify and empower each other.

Here are 5 methods to improve your conversions while increasing traffic to your website:

.1. Create More Sales through Upselling.How does it assist traffic? Internal connecting assists spread out link equity throughout the website enhancing rankings of pages that do not have external backlinks of their own.How does it assist sales? The wise usage of associated item suggestions will increase your typical order number that as a result will enhance your ROI.

Up-selling and cross-selling are 2 reliable marketing methods that can enhance your ROI without the requirement to purchase drawing in brand-new clients to your website. To provide you some context:

.Upselling describes basic method of increasing typical order worth by motivating your consumers to purchase more than they at first planned.One-click upselling is a marketing innovation permitting your clients to just check out ONE checkout page and enter their payment information ONE time. For each subsequent purchase, they can buy it with one click.Cross-selling describes the wise usage of item suggestions triggering your consumers to include more (associated) items to the shopping cart.

One-click upselling is an effective method to produce more sales and construct consumer commitment (i.e. as soon as bought something from your website, your consumers will discover it a lot more hassle-free to purchase more from you than anybody else).

In truth, based upon information, within 3 months, utilizing One-Click Upsells has actually generated an extra $3,779,425 for its supplier. In a current split test that they carried out, including one-click upsells more than DOUBLED the typical consumer worth!

 Upselling case research study

.2. Diversify, Personalize &&Monitor Your Calls to Action (CTAs).How does it assist traffic? Secondary CTAs (consisting of call to share, contact us to call and click to subscribe) boost natural social networks traffic along with drive return sees.How does it assist sales? Undoubtedly, your consumers will not have the ability to purchase unless you inform them how. That is what main CTAs are everything about.What is a call to action?Once they land on your page), #ppppp> A call to action (CTA) is a message that triggers users to take some sort of an action (. It can be a button, a contact number, a link, or any other variation.

Your on-page CTAs must offer instructions and guide your website users through their experience without puzzling or frustrating them. The very best CTAs consist of action verbs and prevent generic language like “click on this link.” Usage vibrant buttons as much as you can, so they stick out and bring in attention.

Another terrific method to improve your CTA efficiency is to individualize it. While it sounds a bit challenging, there are currently existing services that can assist you with customized marketing. Alter is one example: It incorporates itself within seconds and after that you can produce your audiences and customize their experience. In general, it’s incredibly simple to utilize.

 Alter CTAs

Furthermore, tracking and A/B screening your on-page CTAs is another necessary action to enhancing their efficiency.

Finteza is a complimentary analytics platform that uses a comprehensive analysis of your on-site calls to action. You can see precisely how your website users engage with them.


Finteza uses an in-depth analysis about which of your on-page CTAs carry out much better and at what phase of your purchaser’s journey they engage your website users.

.3. Produce Well-Structured &&In-Depth Page Copy.How does it assist traffic? Material is the driving force behind natural rankings. The much better, longer and clearer your copy is, the much better online search engine can comprehend it (and for this reason the greater the rankings).How does it assist sales? Well-structured material circulation enhances consumer engagement by inspiring them to check out more (and thus total page conversions).

There are numerous elements of a great landing page copy, consisting of:

.Total text copy describing your services or product selling points. Composing your landing page copy is not various than composing any digital material. It requires to be understandable, clear and succinct. Here’s a strong list to assist.The page title and on-page subheadings plainly including target keywords.Item images (enhanced for target keywords and revealing your items in action).Item Q&A (likewise including your keywords in addition to removing the requirement to call your client assistance).

When crafting your landing page copy, describe TextOptimizer to get a much better concept on what must be consisted of. Text Optimizer is the semantic analysis tool that assists to enhance your page for associated terms and concerns.


.4. Offer Visual Social Proof through UGC.How does it assist traffic? Visually-enhanced landing pages are more linkable and more sharable. With a wise usage of user-generated visual material. you are most likely to see more traffic from natural social networks shares.How does it assist sales? Social evidence (and specifically visual social evidence) has actually been discovered to increase general client engagement with the page—– customers are more happy to purchase an item when they see others utilizing it.

Most buyers checked out evaluations prior to making their purchasing choices. They wish to ensure that what the business declares about an item remains in line with what their consumers are stating. According to BazaarVoice , millennials, an enormous e-commerce shopping force, are not most likely to purchase something without customers’ input, and 51% of millennials trust client material more than other details on an e-commerce website.

51% of millennials trust client material more than other details on an e-commerce website. Click To Tweet

It’s clear that you require to enhance your item pages with user-generated material (UGC). Doing so will increase traffic and sales. You can execute UGC by including clients’ images and evaluations. Lots of brand names have an area for user evaluations on their item pages, and it’s progressively more typical to discover user-generated pictures as well included there.

You ought to welcome consumers to publish their images of your items on social networks platforms with top quality hashtags. You can then utilize social networks pictures to increase your item page efficiency even more. Usage Photoslurp to gather images from social media networks that include your items and display them on your item pages.

 Social Proof

.5. Develop Opportunities for Post-Purchase Interactions.How does it assist traffic? Boost return gos to through following up with your clients, specifically when they seem like purchasing once again.How does it assist sales? Delighted clients might want to purchase once again. All you require is to advise them of your brand name once again.

Your previous clients are your goldmine. They currently understand your brand name, and they are ideally pleased about their previous experience with your item. You can win them over through post-purchase interaction and lead nurturing. Connect to them with advised discount coupons and items and consist of concepts on how to make the most of the product( s) they’ve currently acquired.

There are numerous e-mail marketing platforms that can automate and customize your post-purchase interactions. ConvertKit is among the feature-rich and user-friendlier platforms to attempt. It deals with user profiling and segmenting:


As well as standard automation:

 ConvertKit Automation

Apart from driving more sales, when done right, re-engaging your past consumers will assist you accomplish a longer-term objective , i.e. structure brand name commitment and neighborhood. Concentrate on structure your own micro-community and turn your clients into brand name supporters .

Which tools and suggestions are you utilizing to enhance your item page efficiency in order to increase traffic and sales? Tweet your preferred tools to @seosmarty, and I might cover them in my approaching short articles!

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