Why it’s worth targeting keywords with no-to-low monthly search volume

The ultimate goldmine for an SEO expert is finding a high-volume, high-converting, low-competition keyword. What could be better than an influx of organic traffic that’s itching to buy what you have to offer? These keywords tend to be the “sweet spot” – a high number of searches with low competition – so they’re often the […]

SMX Advanced through the lens of a young SEO professional

At an extremely young age, I understood digital marketing was the profession for me. I was immediately drawn to the progressing search landscape and interested by consumer habits on search. To me, SMX Advanced not just magnified my enthusiasm for search marketing, however it likewise supplied me the chance to network and gain from the […]

SEO guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile for more connections, better leads

LinkedIn has the unfortunate reputation of being a platform for stuffy CEOs, spammy salespeople and college students that were required to make a profile in their university career skills class. For that reason, many business owners and marketers treat their LinkedIn profile (if they even have one) like an online resume. They list their credentials, […]

How TikTok and Spotify could win through location-based marketing

TikTok, the video development app, is aiming to generate income from its appeal, and for excellent factor: given that its starting in 2016, TikTok has actually accomplished one billion downloads . It was reported just recently that TikTok is checking sponsored advertisements that direct users to marketer’’ s sites. This advancement is not unexpected due […]

How to run Screaming Frog SEO Spider in the cloud in 2019

Advanced technical SEO is not without its challenges, but luckily there are many tools in the market we can use. And by combining some of these tools not only can we address the challenges we face, we can create new solutions and take our SEO to the next level. In this guide I will be […]

Mobile, desktop search traffic split may have stabilized at roughly 60% – 40%

According to the IAB’’ s yearly Internet Advertising Revenue report, launched recently , the split in between mobile and desktop income was approximately 65% to 35% in favor of mobile. Advertisement costs on the desktop is flat, while mobile (and video) are driving substantial development. .Question volumes, ad-revenue breakdown directionally lined up. Whether a coincidence […]