Your Essential e-commerce Website Audit Checklist for 2019

For a lot of people, audit is a scary, intimidating word. In reality, conducting a business audit just means gaining a better understanding of your business’ money. In fact, the definition of an audit according to Merriam-Webster is, “a formal examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts or financial situation.” Regardless of the industry you’re […]

6 Trends That Will Define Luxury eCommerce in 2019

Photo by on Unsplash Don’t get left behind. Luxury retailers need to understand the latest trends to succeed in 2019… With online sales of luxury brands expected to reach $70 billion globally by 2025. Transitioning from a physical store to positioning a luxury brand online is key for growth from 2019 onwards. And, digital […]

Revisiting My Conversation with Tadpull Co-founder Jake Cook on Hiring Marketing Talent Out of College

As we’’ re getting to completion of the year and reaching that point of reflection, I wished to review a number of episodes that I had a great deal of enjoyable with in 2018. The one I’’ m reviving today is a program I did back in April with Tadpull co-founder Jake Cook that covers […]

5 Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid

Over the last three months, I’ve jumped into learning the in’s and out’s of Facebook ads to help grow the email list for our job board. Thankfully I had some key Facebook experts from the community help along the way but that didn’t prevent me from making some mistakes. Today I’m sharing 5 big mistakes […]