Are Your Marketing Job Candidates ‘Ghosting’ You? You’re Not Alone

Christmas Eve in Houston was a stunning, 65-degree day. As I worked from my office, I might hear the trees rustling in the wind and my next-door neighbor’’ s unwinding wind chimes signifying what a stunning day it was. While I would have liked to anxiously clean up your house prior to business came by […]

5 Steps to Hiring Your Own Real Estate Team

There’’ s a factor that superheroes tend to collaborate to eliminate the bad guys: It’’ s simpler and more efficient to handle huge objectives together than to go at it alone. If you have a property organisation and are beginning to discover yourself overrun with leads and administrative jobs, it’’ s time to bring individuals […]

What You Need to Know About MarTech: The Convergence of Marketing and Tech Talent

Marketing technology is really popular right now. How popular? According to AdWeek, marketing technology alone accounts for $2 Billion worth of the massive digital advertising pie in 2017. The space has grown so much over recent years that it’s garnered its own buzzword, “MarTech,” to define itself. (Although, I suppose a buzzword is warranted when […]