All the cool kids are on TikTok. Here’s a plan for you and your business!

TikTok seems to be everywhere in the social media conversation … and with good reason. Today, let’s take a rational view of this fascinating platform and its role in building a personal brand and a digital foothold for your business. TikTok is significant because it seems to be emerging as a “homeroom” for a generation. […]

Why you need to climb aboard Medium, the magical home of the written word

You can subscribe to more than 140 various subjects — curated newsletters for start-ups, marketing, health, or tech. . The material is put together with the aid of real humans, so you’re actually seeing the very best of the very best in your day-to-day e-mails. . Without concern, posts on Medium have actually become my […]

The remarkable challenge of owning your power

This Instagram post — There’s a story here.  But first … Laura. I’ve known Laura McKowen for nearly 10 years. She has been very open about her struggles through life. She is an alcoholic who has been sober since 2014. She has talked about her life in explicit detail and now helps support others through […]

When is it time to quit blogging (you might be surprised!)

. A good friend of mine was quite down about his blogging just recently. Due to the fact that he was putting a lot of effort into his composing however no one was reading his blog site, he composed me a note and informed me that he was discouraged. Was it time for him to […]

How industries are being disrupted through stories

. This item placing method has actually constantly been appropriate and beneficial. Still is. You might do this sort of placing analysis( utilizing various elements obviously )for vehicles, trip locations, sodas, and practically anything. . As long as there is a huge adequate base of consumers in a specific niche, the comfortable clothes nation club […]