‘Who has what?’: Agency execs want more clarity into Xandr and WarnerMedia’s sales relationship

Roughly a year after AT&T obtained WarnerMedia (née Time Warner) and formally presented its innovative marketing arm, Xandr , the telecom huge’’ s 2 advertising-related services have firm advertisement purchasers seeing double, expecting a clearer view of how the 2 departments will collaborate. That is particularly obvious now, now that this year’’ s yearly TV-and-video […]

WPP and Omnicom take a stand against Accenture-led audits

Two of the largest agency holding groups are pushing back hard against Accenture to prevent the consulting firm from auditing their media data. Both WPP and Omnicom appear to have found ways to avoid having to trust Accenture’s agency division Accenture Interactive to objectively audit their media and in doing so shape the strategy for […]

‘A variety of different compensation models’: Incoming GroupM CEO Christian Juhl on the future of media agencies

Christian Juhl, the existing worldwide CEO of Essence , will take the reins of GroupM as worldwide CEO in October. Ahead of taking control of GroupM, which uses 35,000 individuals and has $48 billion in customer billings, making it the biggest media financial investment company on the planet, Digiday overtook Juhl to become aware of […]

Marketing B2B: O Que é, As 10 Estratégias Mais Usadas e Exemplos

O marketing B2B é essencial para que empresas que vendem para outras empresas consigam gerar leads qualificados que possam ser convertidos em clientes. Se você tem esse tipo de negócio e seu planejamento de marketing ainda deixa a desejar, siga com a leitura deste artigo. Implementar ações de marketing B2B é uma tarefa desafiadora, já […]

5 Twitch influencers you need to know

This short article becomes part of an editorial series on mobile video game marketing sponsored by AdColony. Twitch, the livestreaming platform best understood for players livestreaming themselves while playing Fortnite and Overwatch, to name a few, has actually pitched marketers on its extremely engaged young male audience. Prominent players on the platform have the ability […]

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Scores of music fans will flock to Chicago this weekend for Lollapalooza, and you might intern for the company behind the celebration, if you land today’’ s included position. . The Windy City will be rocking this coming weekend. Lollapalooza begins this Thursday at Chicago’’ s Grant Park and continues through the weekend. The four-day […]

How To Choose An Affiliate Program That Pays You Money

Are you an affiliate? Or do you wish to make to generate income online as an affiliate? If that seems like you, I’m going to make it worth your while to check out the entire of this brief post. ““ How? ”, you ask. Well to put it candidly, unless you are picking the ideal […]

Streetwear subscription company ThreadBeast is now spending half its media budget on Instagram

In an effort to target fashionable young men, ThreadBeast is moving its marketing dollars away from Facebook to Instagram.  “It wasn’t drastic. It wasn’t like one day we woke up and said, ‘Hey, we have to go big Instagram.’ There’s been a shift over time,” said Uday Singh, founder and CEO of the subscription box […]

‘No keywords’: Media buyers are testing Facebook’s search ads product

Facebook is enabling more marketers to purchase advertisements in search, stepping much deeper into the search market controlled by Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The advancement, initially reported by MarketingLand , is a more roll-out of a test Facebook started at the end of in 2015. Some marketers can now select to run advertisements in search […]

20 of the Best Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire the Modern Marketer

Marketing is a thrill. All it takes is 1 customer to make you feel like you’re riding front row on the Superman roller coaster. When you get marketing right, it’s a rush. And when you get it wrong, it feels worse than being picked last in gym class. Like all marketers, even we get it […]