7 Digital Marketing Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2020

There’s no doubt that marketing is an interesting field to be in today. The digital transformation has actually resulted in quick modifications and advancements, with significant ramifications for the manner in which brand names plan projects and engage with their consumers. And if we’ve discovered anything, it’s that it’s difficult to anticipate precisely where we’re […]

20 Incredible B2B Web Designs (+ Elements to Woo Your Audience)

With technology being where it is today, it’s safe to say that for most consumers a website is their first form of interaction with a company. And that first impression is everything. How much time do you give to a site that’s either disorganized, low quality, or just not that attractive in general? Consumers have […]

Experiential Marketing Campaigns That Leave Their Mark

The best experiential marketing campaign breaks through the messaging clutter and compels a prospect or customer to stop, read (or listen), and engage with the brand, business, product, or service. Experiences – whether online or in real life – can be way more memorable than two-dimensional communications. What Are Experiential Marketing Campaigns? According to Single […]

Website Design Cost: How to Build a Site That Converts At the Best Price

How often do you land on a well crafted website and guess just how much it probably cost the owner? Are you able to estimate the pricing of every CTA, logo design, and exit pop-up? Is it a custom design or a template? Did they save money by building it in-house or did they outsource? […]

5 PR lessons from CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show dazzled with prototypes, applications and innovations, but inspiration from the annual event isn’t limited to those in the tech space. A toilet-paper-toting robot, a flying taxi and personalized sex toys got people talking at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Tech fans readily embraced the more than 4,400 organizations exhibiting and speaking, […]

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business Video and marketing go hand-in-hand, just like bangers and mash.  In this ever-changing digital marketing world, video undeniably remains a clear-cut winner as the most used medium around the internet. For one simple reason, customers want a time-saving option. In this digital world, customers prefer a […]

Revinate’s Kelly Robb Joins Expert Discussion on the Data Dilemma Hoteliers Face

For their January/February issue, Hotelier Magazine asked Revinate’s Kelly Robb, our head of Marketing and Growth, to join an expert discussion on “The Data Dilemma”— understanding how hotels can use guest data to drive revenue and guest satisfaction while keeping that data secure. Luckily, here at Revinate, we’re experts!  It’s an excellent read for any […]

11 Things Mobile Marketers Should Do to Up Their Game in the New Year

During the first of the year, it is a little easier to take a step back, reflect and adapt. So what should mobile marketers focus on during the first quarter of the year? Here are some things members of the Young Entrepreneur Council recommend: 1. Developing a Comprehensive Strategy Before you enter the first quarter […]

Alphabet soup: Know the ABCs of ABM for B2B

Account-based marketing puts a focused, targeted twist on reaching and keeping consumers. Here’’ s how to make it work for you. . The language of B2B interactions is typically awash in alphabet soup. Recently, 3 letters have actually been showing up consistently: ABM. Short for ““ account-based marketing, ” ABM is the practice of lining […]

The New Generation of Social Platforms for Paid Advertising in 2020

It’’ s time to believe beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With everybody and their mom’’ s attempting to market on these channels, they ’ ve ended up being saturated. But exist other roadways your service could take in 2020 to prevent this marketing traffic? Of course there are, that’’ s why you ’ re here. […]