10 of the Best Project Management Software (Reviewed + Rated)

Today’s workplace is challenging, with complex marketing tasks becoming the norm. You’re expected to manage a variety of projects, like website maintenance, blogging, email marketing, and automation. Not to mention handling traditional deliverables, special events, and so on and so forth. It seems like you’re doing more for your clients than ever before. It’s understood, […]

Robots Won’t Take Your Job, But They’ve Probably Already Changed It

One of my favorite short films of all time wasn’t actually written by a human. It was written by a neural network named Benjamin, which was fed a lot of science fiction movies and then asked to write its own. Impressive, right? The thing is: the movie is terrible. The dialogue makes sense, if you […]

30 Virtual Assistant Companies & Services to Make Your Job Easier

How much of your day do you invest finishing regular jobs? For lots of working business owners and experts, their main task tasks get eclipsed by lengthy administrative jobs. This rings specifically real for sales experts. Typically, sales associates invest just 35% of their time offering , which implies almost two-thirds of their time is […]