The $70B opportunity in India’s emerging social commerce sector

The “Jio effect” has brought millions of Indians online in the last two years, and for many of these new mobile-first users WhatsApp is the Internet, YouTube is television — and personal referrals from family and friends play an outsized role in how they discover new products in this new digital world. This has turned […]

Stalkerware’s legal enforcement problem

Content caution: This piece includes short descriptionsof domestic violence and attack versus kids and females. In the previous 5 years, just 2 stalkerware designers, both of whom developed, marketed, and offered tools preferred by domestic abusers to pry into victims’ ’ personal lives, have actually dealt with federal repercussions for their actions. Following a guilty […]

India’s Times Internet isn’t ceding ground to US rivals Facebook and Google

The aggressive push by Silicon Valley business and Chinese companies to win India , among the last fantastic development markets, has actually annihilated lots of regional services over the last few years. With each passing day, Amazon is surrounding Walmart-owned Flipkart ’’ s lead on the e-commerce area. Uber is combating with Ola for the […]